Recensioni di Brother SE600- Ricamo & Macchina da cucire

What is Brother SE600?

The Brother SE600 2-in-1 sewing and 4×4 embroidery machine allow you to easily embroider and sew. View your embroidery design in full color on the large, 3.2 “Save Smart Color LCD touch screen display, and review your design modifications on the screen before sewing.

It is an affordable sewing and embroidery machine which is easily affordable, affidabile, efficiente, and functionally prominent. Brother SE600 tops all sewing machines in terms of its low cost.

Anyone interested in sewing and embroidery can easily buy this machine. Many great features allow you to edit and display your disegni da ricamo before applying them to your projects.

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Servizi di digitalizzazione del ricamo

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Ordina adessoOttieni un preventivo gratuito

What are the Brother SE600 accessories included?

If you buy the Brother SE600 sewing and embroidery machine, here is what you will find in the box:

  • Brother SE600 machine unit, Piedino per asole, e cavo di alimentazione
  • Embroidered arm and 4 ″ x4 ″ embroidered hoop
  • Seven sewing presser feet and an embroidered foot
  • Copertura antipolvere
  • Accessory pouch with two bobbins, three bobbin clips, three pre-wound bobbins with embroidery thread, six-piece needle sets (2 75/11 aghi, 2 90/14 aghi, 290/14 aghi a sfera), twin needles (2/11), seam wrapper, forbici, disc-shaped screwdriver, spazzola per la pulizia, tappi per spole, rete a rocchetto, extra spool pin, e punzone per occhiello.
  • Operations Manual, Quick Reference Guide, and Embroidery Design Guide in English and Spanish

You need a stabilizer before you start and also need to buy embroidery thread (if you want to know about best embroidery thread types, visita il nostro blog).

Caratteristiche principali

Brothers make many different models of sewing machines that make it difficult to choose one. Qui, I will look at the main features of the SE600 sewing machine for easy decision-making.

  • 103 Punti incorporati
  • Easy to Use
  • Automatic Needle threader
  • Versatile
  • Bobina da inserire
  • Work Area 4″ x 4″
  • USB Support
  • Illuminazione
  • Large LCD Touchscreen
  • Disegni da ricamo

103 Punti incorporati

There are over 100 built-in stitches that can help you show off your sewing skills with various sewing patterns – 103, to be exact.

This feature makes the Brother SE600 sewing machine an ornament among other machines. Most sewing machines do not have many built-in stitches.

Easy to Use

One of the most important things that come to your mind when you are thinking about choosing an embroidery or sewing machine is how user-friendly it will be. If you are buying a brother SE600, you do not need to think about it.

The overall setup and use technique of the Brother SE600 sewing machine is very simple. Inoltre, a sewing machine is provided with instructions on how to set up and use the machine.

Infila ago automatico

Automatic Needle ThreaderMolte persone trovano difficile infilare l'ago manualmente, quindi il fratello ha la soluzione migliore. L’infila ago automatico allineerà la cruna dell’ago, quindi non devi preoccuparti di questo.


The Brother SE600 sewing machine is a versatile machine that can perfectly handle both embroidery and sewing.

Whether you are using it for general sewing work or embroidery, Brother SE600 sewing can perform all the necessary work without any hassle.

Bobina da inserire

Drop-in BobbinThe sewing machine has a drop-in thread so that the small door can be opened only near the needle plate so that your thread can be inserted. You can easily track and refill the amount of thread available because it is directly in your sewing field. The sewing machine has a drop-in thread so that the small door can be opened only near the needle plate so that your thread can be inserted. You can easily track and refill the amount of thread available because it is directly in your sewing field.

Work Area 4″ x 4″

Work Area 4" x 4"The machine embroidery area is large, so you can easily decorate your design on fabric. The SE600 is a perfect embroidery machine if you want to use a sewing machine at home.

It features a free sleeve to create sleeves, polsini, necklaces, and other accessories that are not readily available.

USB Support

USB SupportThis feature is not commonly seen in most sewing machines as it increases the cost of the sewing machine.

Not so with the brother SE600. This feature comes with a built-in USB port used to transfer embroidery designs to the sewing machine.

You can download the latest embroidery designs from their official website or other websites, provided they have a file extension supported by the sewing machine. You can import designs with .pes file extensions.


LightingThe SE600 comes with integrated lighting to prevent you from avoiding dim lighting areas or late evening plans.

Brothers use very bright LEDs around the needle section to help you see what you sew, where the fabric can be moved freely and help in deeper fabrics. Found, soprattutto quando viene utilizzata la filettatura profonda.

Large LCD Touchscreen

Large LCD TouchscreenThe Brother SE600 has a 3.7 ″ large LCD touch screen display. The company says Save Smart Touch Screen because you can edit and preview the disegno del ricamo on the touch screen before sewing.

It saves your craft plan in the embroidery design you didn’t want because you can always preview it before the final sewing.

Disegni da ricamo

The sewing machine has internal memory with over 80 embroidery designs that give you a large selection.

Tuttavia, if that’s not enough, you still have the option to download any design of your choice from the Internet and transfer it to the machine’s system with a USB cable or memory stick.

Se vuoi conoscere il trasferisci i ricami dal computer alla macchina da ricamo, visita il nostro blog.

Why Brother?

Whether you need an embroidery machine, a simple sewing machine, or a surgeon, Brother’s first company that comes to mind.

Brother is one of the oldest sewing machines and manufactures many award-winning versatile sewing machines.

Not only sewing machines, but Brother Brothers is also a well-known brand for printers and computer equipment.

Like many people, I trust my brother’s sewing and embroidery machine. Among the most popular models of sewing machines, Fratello CS6000i (simple sewing machine, good for beginners), Brother PE770 (best and best embroidery machine for specialists), Brother 1034DX (best surgeon) are some of the best machines.

The company builds its products after much research and customer feedback.

The sewing as mentioned above machine models are just one example; the company has many excellent models in the product line.

They make sewing machines easy to use with many automated features that easily help everyone use them.

Pros and Cons of Brother SE600

Professionisti of Brother SE600

  • A great value embroidery machine that also works for sewing! It has excellent sewing quality and is amazingly powerful on thick layers.
  • Import design with USB instead of connecting to a computer!
  • Reduces preview stitches before sewing, and the the LCD screen allows many customizations.
  • An automatic needle threader is helpful when making several thread changes during a design.
  • The thread cutter (which can be automatically set on the clip) is a good feature for this price machine.
  • Brother SE600 is also very quiet when sewing.

contro of Brother SE600

  • Expensive for those with low budgets.
  • If you are a regular user, you will need to charge the machine frequently.
  • No difficult case involved.
  • The use of commercial sewing machines is not the fastest.

Comparison Brother SE400 vs SE600

Comparing Fratello SE400 vs. Brother SE600 sewing and embroidery machine, you will see that Brother SE600 is the newer and better version. It looks like the brother is working on shutting down the SE400 at several major retailers.

Compared to the Brother SE600’s 80 disegni da ricamo, 103 punti, seven accessories fit, and six caratteri di ricamo, the Brother SE400 includes 70 disegni da ricamo, 67 punti, and six accessories feet. There are also only five embroidery fonts. The SE400 LCD is slightly smaller and not as colorful as the SE600.

Secondo me, the biggest difference is how the pattern is transmitted. On the SE400, the machine has to be connected to the computer via a USB cable to transfer the pattern, and the SE600 only needs a USB stick plug. It’s much easier for me not to have my computer near my machine.

On both, the hoop size is 4″ x4″. Sewing speed, machine setup, and how you sew are all the same. controlla il best embroidery machines for small businesses,


The sewing machine is not bad for home use, and it has all the features one would need in an embroidery machine. Esso ha 80 ricami incorporati e 103 punti incorporati.

With a USB port, one can always add more embroidery designs. Inoltre, the 3.7-inch color touch screen that lets you preview the design gives a much better idea of the final result.

It serves two purposes, embroidery as well as regular sewing. So if you buy a single-purpose machine, you don’t have to spend extra money to buy another one separately.

Brother SE600’s joint embroidery and sewing machine are quite affordable and affordable.

Brother SE400 is the best replacement of Brother SE600.

sì, the Brother SE600 is a great choice for beginners who are looking for a versatile and user-friendly sewing and embroidery machine. It is designed to be easy to use, with a variety of built-in features that make it ideal for those who are new to sewing and embroidery.

One of the key advantages of the Brother SE600 for beginners is its LCD touch screen display, which allows you to easily select and adjust the machine’s settings. The machine also comes with a variety of built-in stitches and embroidery designs, so you don’t need to have a lot of experience with these techniques to get started.

sì, the Brother SE600 is capable of quilting. It is a versatile sewing and embroidery machine that comes with a variety of features that make it suitable for quilting projects.

The machine has a large work area, which is essential for handling bulky quilts. It also has a built-in quilting stitch that can create intricate designs and patterns. Inoltre, the machine has a walking foot, which helps feed multiple layers of fabric evenly through the machine.

PES andDST format. The best format for Brother embroidery machines is pes. You are read more aboutembroidery machine file formats.

Brother SE600 machine uses SA156 bobbins which are class 15 tipo bobine. Use of any other bobbin may result in injuries or damage to the machine.

You can upload your own designs. You save them on a USB storage drive and stick the key into the side of the machine.

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