Вышивка против трафаретной печати: выбор правильного метода для вашего дизайна

Here, we talk about two well-liked techniques for personalizing clothing and other fabric items: embroidery and screen printing. The best approach to use relies on several aspects because each method has its pros and limitations.

To assist you in choosing which method is ideal for your ideas, let’s compare embroidery vs screen printing.

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Embroidery vs screen printing

If you are aware of the phrase “embroidery,” it is sewing patterns onto various materials using a needle and vibrant floss either manually or with a machine.

Some of the key points are:

In the shape of logos on formal shirts, scarves, and other materials, it provides a neat and competent style. The application of embroidery may be used to produce three-dimensional crafts as well as work well on both big and small complicated motifs.

Items with embroidery last a long time since they are incredibly robust and can endure frequent washing and use.

In terms of cost, embroidery can be relatively expensive but for larger designs or multiple colors, it involves a per-stitch or per-thread cost.

The term dieting you often hear is also associated with embroidery as complex designs with many colors may require digitization.

К become an expert in machine embroidery, read this article to grasp all the specifics and procedures utilized in this field.

Overview Of Screen Printing

Now I’ll give a review of screen printing which is usually done by the ink passing across the screen and the design imprinted on the various fabrics.

Overview Of Screen Printing

Here are some of the key points to be noted:

Here are just a few examples of the various items on which screen printing is used such as clothing, signage, advertising collateral, etc.

Screen printing is ideal for making designs with bold colors, and solid shapes, and those designs require large areas of coverage.

What makes this method effective is its budget-friendly interface that can be even employed for large quantities as the setup costs are spread out over the entire print run.

Somehow, screen printing may not be as suitable for highly detailed designs, as fine lines and small text may not reproduce well.

Although this method provides durability, still the printed ink can crack or fade over time with repeated washes and wear.

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Considerations For Choosing The Right Method:

We’ve already covered the key distinctions between embroidery and screen printing but here are a few more details to take into account:

Embroidery Vs Screen Printing -According To Budget

In terms of price, let’s compare embroidery vs screen printing to check which fits your budget.



  • Embroidery is often priced higher than screen printing because we use this technique for intricate designs generated with a wide range of colors.
  • The expense of embroidery reflects the number of stitches used, therefore intricate patterns with more stitches require a greater price.
  • The second thing is the embroidery machines which differ according to embroidery type.


Imagine that you need to pick the equipment and software according to the type of designs and purchase of additional accessories and software, these requirements make it a highly-priced method.

However, embroidery can’t be the most economical way to expand a business when you’re on limited funds.

Снимок экрана:

  • Concerning the aforementioned technique, screen printing is more affordable.
  • The number of products to be printed, the extent of the layout, and the variety of colors to be used are often taken into account when estimating the expense of screen printing.
  • Screen printing can be a better option if your savings are low.

Embroidery Vs Screen Printing- A Durable Method

In this comparison, we’ll look at how long each approach maintains a pattern when used with embroidery vs. screen printing:


  • This is reputed for being tough. It is resilient to discoloration, breaking, and peeling since the threads are sown directly.
  • Embroidered designs can withstand frequent washing and hold up well over time, making them a suitable choice for workwear, uniforms, or any items that will undergo regular use.

Learn to wash and iron embroidered clothes without damaging the design in the guidelines below.

Снимок экрана:

Снимок экрана

  • While screen printing can be durable, it may not be as long-lasting as embroidery. 
  • Over time, the ink used in screen printing can fade or crack, especially if subjected to frequent washing or rough handling.
  • However, modern screen printing techniques and high-quality inks can provide good durability.
  • If you take proper care of screen-printed garments, they can maintain their appearance for a considerable period.

Embroidery Vs Screen Printing – Based On Type Of Fabric

Because many textiles might respond differently, below is a basic comparison of embroidery vs screen printing:


  • It is a flexible technique that can be applied to various fabric types, including cotton, denim, fleece, and twill.
  • It works well on both light and heavy fabrics, and the pattern may either be embroidered directly to the materials or placed on an area before being sewn on the garment.

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Снимок экрана:

Снимок экрана

  • This method is typically suitable for fabrics with a smooth and even surface, such as cotton, polyester, and blends.
  • It may not work as well on textured fabrics or those with a high stretch factor, as the ink may crack or peel with the fabric’s movement.

Embroidery Vs Screen Printing – Based On the Nature Of Design

By taking into account the complexity and amount of detail of your design, compare embroidery vs screen printing:


Based On the Nature Of Design

  • With a three-dimensional feel, it’s possible to create detailed and meticulous designs. It works particularly well for lettering, icons, monograms, and complex layouts.
  • However, extremely complex designs with many colors may be challenging and time-consuming to embroider.

Снимок экрана:

  • It works well with designs featuring strong, vivid colors, large solid spaces, and clear images.
  • It is a cost-effective method for producing designs with multiple colors, gradients, and photographic elements.
  • However, if we compare embroidery vs screen printing in terms of detailed designs and for small text, screen printing may not be the accurate method.

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Embroidery Vs Screen Printing- Aesthetics And Quantity

The preferred aesthetic appeal affects the decision of the best method between embroidery and screen printing:


  • It offers a textured, upscale look and is often favored for formal or informal garments.
  • You can embroider a wide range of projects from clothing to accessories and you can be more creative in the festive season to decorate your home and more with elegant designs.
  • Even though it is embraced worldwide due to its aesthetic appeal and withstand washing, it is an expensive method so it requires a strong investment for creating items with complex details.

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Снимок экрана:

Aesthetics And Quantity

  • It provides a smooth and vibrant finish, which works well for casual wear and promotional items and not only that, using this technique, you may accomplish smaller-sized projects in bulk, such as printing shirts for uniforms or banners for advertisements.

Final Recommendations:

  • Screen printing could be the most economical alternative for the artwork if you’re on a tight budget.
  • Embroidered designs tend to have excellent longevity and can withstand extensive use and washing.
  • For completing more orders like hats, shirts, or banners, the cost-effective method is screen printing.
  • For a more stunning look and vibrant designs, embroidery is the best option to make you more creative.


In short, comparing embroidery vs screen printing we got to know that both are effective methods for customizing fabric items. Embroidery provides a classy, durable, and intricate look, while screen printing offers versatility and cost-effectiveness for bold designs.

By considering the factors given above, you can choose the method that best suits your specific needs and preferences.

There are certain factors to keep in mind when comparing embroidery vs screen printing, Although both methods provide high-quality results difference is in their cost, aesthetic, type of fabric, durability, and personal preference.

For embroidery, you can use fabric types, including cotton, denim, fleece, and twill. It works well on both light and heavy fabrics. In the case of screen printing, one can use cotton, polyester, and blends. It may not work as well on textured fabrics or those with a high stretch factor.

Screen printing takes less time to complete, especially for larger orders. As opposed to the sewing required for embroidery, printing is a quicker method.

Both techniques can be used to create promotional things, but screen printing is frequently used since it offers a more affordable means of reproducing colorful and striking patterns. Moreover, it is a more budget-friendly method than embroidery.

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