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What is Embroidery Digitizing?

We are transforming an image into an embroidery design. This design can use in all embroidery machine file formats. We use a fast technique called embroidery digitizing. Embroidery digitizing is different from converting an image to an embroidery form. You’ll need special software called embroidery design software and professional skills to design embroidery.

Embroidery digitizing is different from graphic design. An embroidery design is a pattern of stitches which is stitch by an embroidery machine. On the other hand, Graphic design is print by a screen-printer. Both can be use on custom apparel.

Our custom embroidery services provide on-demand embroidery design. We offer all types of digitizing services to all the world. Please send us the design image with the size and file format you need. We will send your digitized design to you within 2-12 hours, at the latest 24 hours. The delivery time depends on how complicated the embroidery design is.

Normally we have provided three options for size cap front, left chest, and jacket back. Size can be select according to the position of the design. Select the “others” option to share the size in millimeters, centimeters, or inches.

We have provides a few formats in form while you order embroidery services. They are commonly use in embroidery. We can create the desired type of embroidery design file format. You can select other options and write the format in the instruction field.

Types of embroidery designing services offered by EmDigitizer

At EMDGITIZER, we are proud of our embroidery services. Our all embroidery designs are manually digitize.

We do not use any auto-digitizing functions for digitizing design. EmDigitizer offers various services. You can choose the service you need from the options below.

Embroidery digitization is the process of converting artwork or designs into a digital format. This allows computerized embroidery machines to read and interpret them as needed. Custom digitizing allows us to recreate detailed and accurate designs, even complex ones.

It uses in many different ways. For example, it can customize clothes, promotional items, logos for companies, uniforms for teams, and gifts that are personalize.

Logo digitizing is a specialized form of embroidery. Converting a company’s logo or branding elements into a digital file format for embroidery.

Businesses often use logo digitizing to create branded merchandise, uniforms, promotional items, and corporate gifts. A designed logo ensures that a company’s logo looks the same on different things, like materials and products. This helps people recognize and remember the brand better.

3D puff digitizing is a technique, which is using in embroidery to create a raised effect on designs. It adds a three-dimensional look to the embroidery. Extra foam or padding need to adding under certain parts of the design to make them stand out.

3D puff digitizing is commonly using to create logos and designs on hats, caps, jackets, bags, and other items. It creates a bold and eye-catching effect. Adding depth and dimension to the embroidery enhances its visual impact, making it stand out.

Applique digitizing is a method uses in embroidery. It helps create the appearance of applique in an embroidery design. Applique is when you attach a fabric piece to another fabric by sewing around its edges to keep it in place. With applique digitizing, the process is replicates using embroidery machines.

Applique digitizing allows for the creation of designs with textured and layered effects. It is oftenly uses to enhance the appearance of embroidered designs. This technique adds visual interest and dimension using various fabrics. It may use for logos, monograms, and decorative designs in clothes, accessories, and home textiles.

Cap/hat digitizing refers to digitizing embroidery designs for caps or hats. Embroidering caps or hats are challenging because of their curving and small surface.

Cap digitizing is oftenly uses to customize caps, hats, and headwear. It’s popular for promotions, sports teams, businesses, and personal use. You can add logos, text, and designs to headwear to make your brand stand out and give it a personal touch.

Logo digitizing for the left chest involves transforming a logo or design for embroidery. To place it on the left chest area of shirts, jackets, or uniforms. The left chest is a popular location for logos as it is a prominent and visible area.

Creating digital designs for the back of jackets and outerwear is call jacket back digitizing. These designs embroider onto the garments. The back of a jacket has a bigger area than other parts, so you can make bigger and more detail designs.

It is commonly uses for branding, team logos, personalization, or decorative elements. Embroidered jacket backs make a statement. They serve as a canvas for larger, more intricate designs that highlight creativity and style.

Patch digitizing is the process of creating digital files for embroidery that uses to make patches. Patches are fabric decorations with designs or logos on them. You can attach them to clothes, bags, hats, or other things in various ways. These include sewing, ironing, or using adhesive. They can using on various items, such as uniforms, jackets, bags, and hats, or as collectable items.

What is Simple, Medium and Complex design?

  • Simple

    An embroidery design is Simple if it contains 1-2 colors or stitches are less than 10k. Standard turnaround is 4-12 hours and can be delivered in 1-4 hours if urgent.
  • Medium

    A design is medium if that design contains 3-5 colors or stitches is less than 20k. Standard turnaround of 6-12 hours can be delivered in 1-5 hours if urgent.
  • Complex

    A design is complex, that’s containing 5+ colors or stitches is less than 30k. Standard turnaround is 6-12 and can be delivered in 3-6 hours if urgent.

Our Digitizing Process

  1. Once you place your order, we will analyze the design file and its color scheme.
  2. An expert will review and digitize your design image.
  3. We’ll convert it to a digital file using an embroidery digitizer.
  4. We will divide the process into two steps. First, we’ll have the design evaluated by the head of the digitizer team to ensure quality.
  5. After that, the support team will deliver it to you. That’s it. The working process is just complete.

What is online embroidery digitizing?

EmDigitizer provides an online digitizing service that converts artwork or designs into digital files for embroidery machines. These designs are used to guide the machine in stitching patterns onto fabric. The online embroidery service lets customers upload their designs to the website. A team of experts will convert the design into a digital file. The customer can download and use the file to run the embroidery machine.

Some benefits of using our online embroidery digitizing service include the following:

  • Convenience: Convenience is key with our Online digitizing services. You can access the service from anywhere and easily upload your designs to our website.
  • Expertise: Our team of experienced digitizers will ensure that the final design is of high quality and perfect for use on an embroidery machine.
  • Speed: We offer quick turnaround times, making it ideal for businesses in need of fast embroidery. We will deliver the digitized design within 12 hours.
  • Cost-effective: Our digitizing process is cost-effective and saves time and resources.
  • Variety of designs: You can choose from a variety of designs, including pre-made logos and custom designs.
  • Technical support: Emdigitizer often provides technical support to customers with any issues they may encounter when using the service.
  • Consistency: Our embroidery digitizer ensures design consistency across multiple garments or items.
  • Scalability: Our digitizing services can handle small and large orders, benefiting businesses of all sizes.
  • No need for special software or equipment: You don’t need special software or equipment to use our service.
  • Access to a global market: With our online services, you can easily reach a global market for your embroidery business. We can collaborate with you. Contact us for more detail.
To choose an online service provider, you must research and compare different options. To find a good company, look for high-quality work, reasonable prices, and good customer service. When picking a company, it’s useful to request samples of their work and read reviews from previous customers.

Best Digitizing Services

There are many companies that offer embroidery digitizing services. It can take some time to figure out which one is the best. Some factors help to consider when looking for the best services include:
  1. Quality of work: Find a company known for producing accurate and suitable designs for embroidery machines.
  2. Turnaround time: Choose a company that can meet your deadlines.
  3. Pricing: Compare prices and choose a company with reasonable rates.
  4. Customer service: Look for companies with a good reputation for providing friendly customer service.
  5. Variety of services: Look for companies that offer a wide range of services, such as custom designs, logos, text, editing, 3D puff, and Applique digitizing.
  6. Technical support: Choose a company that offers technical support to help with any issues that may arise.
We provide a wide range of digitizing services. Our designs are of high quality, created quickly, and offered at lower prices compared to others.

If you have any questions leave comments/reviews or visit our social channels for more updates regularly. We provide digitizing services; if you need digitizing service for embroidery, feel free to contact us or email us.

A custom embroidery design is a design that is creates for a customer or a specific project. The customer or a professional designer can create custom embroidery designs. Custom products are make to fit the customer’s specific needs or preferences. They may include a company logo, personal monogram, or other unique elements.

Custom embroidery designs can be creates for different things like clothes, accessories, home decor, and more. Businesses often use them to promote their brand. Individuals use them to add a personal touch to their clothing or accessories.

To create a custom embroidery design, the customer begins by sharing their idea or sketch. If they have a details design already, they can provide that as well. The designer will use software to make a digital design file. This file helps the embroidery machine create the final product.

Custom embroidery designs are a wonderful way to add a personal touch to clothes, accessories, and more. They can also help businesses promote their brand in a cost-effective manner.

The price for machine embroidery digitizing can base on different factors. The factors that affect a design’s quality are its complexity, size, colors, stitching, how long it takes to complete, and who creates it.

On average, digitizing a simple design with a few colors and less than 10,000 stitches can range from $10 to $50. Complex designs with multiple colors and over 10,000 stitches can range in price from $50 to $150 or more. EM Digitizer offers prices that are $10 to $25 lower than other companies.

Companies use different pricing models for their digitizing services. Some charge an hourly rate, typically ranging from $25 to $75. Others offer a flat rate per design or a monthly subscription fee to access their services.

It’s important to remember that digitizing a design is a one-time expense. You can use the digital file as often as you want, saving you money in the long run.

When looking for machine embroidery digitizing services, make sure to research and compare different companies. You can find a provider that offers good quality, fair prices, and excellent customer service. It’s also helpful to ask for samples of the company’s work and read reviews from past customers.It’s also good to ask for samples of the company’s work and read reviews and testimonials from previous customers.

There are no hidden charges. We also don’t charge you for stitch counts, we offer flat rates. Also not charging for editing in design or changing the file format. We may apply a very small charge if you need to add something to your design.

Yes, We can create your design from an image or screenshot as well. Feel free to attach it to the order form for digitizing.

The answer to this question really depends on the type of embroidery you’re looking to create and how much time you’re willing to invest. A quick learner can learn digitizing 6 to 24 month.

To get the proper answer to this question, I suggest you to check out our blog post Best Embroidery Software For Digitizing & Editing, Free & Paid

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