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Jacket back digitizing is the newest technology for book jacket production. This is one of the most popular trends in the publishing industry today. Can we still find older jacket design methods? Many companies are adopting a new method called jacket back digitizing due to its lower cost. This new method allows us to preview the final product before printing it, making the process much easier.

This means you can change artwork, and make changes such as left chest digitizing. Companies can put their logo, slogan, or product on the back of a jacket using jacket back digitizing. This will help promote your brands. It provides people with a comfortable and stylish way to express themselves. The process of jacket back digitizing is not too difficult. However, it does require skill and various techniques.

The best location for jacket back digitizing embroidery

The back of the jacket is the best place to efficiently embroider. Along with the right and front pockets, it provides a standard area for embroidery. The back jacket is a great spot for needlework. It’s perfect for the design commonly used on woolen and leather school jackets. When placing digitized embroidery on jackets or garments, it’s best to put it on the back. There are two more places you can think about when placing the digital embroidery. These include the left shoulder and right shoulder.

Choose Material for Embroidery

Natura fabrics are versatile and look good with any of your favorite outfits. Cotton and wool are strong and great for embroidery. Blends of these fabrics are also good options to consider. Choose natural prints and materials to add interest to the design. Opt for options such as linen, silk, and wool. We have many materials to choose from. You can find something that matches your personality.

Jacket Back Digitizing Design

Are you in need of many jackets back digitizing designs? Look no further! The renowned digitizing company (emdigitizer) offers unlimited embroidery designs specifically for jacket backs. Our team has gathered a wide variety of jacket back digitizing designs. They are now accessible through our digitizing company. We provide 100% high quality as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every design we create. Our jacket back digitizing designs are not only attractive but also affordable. Everyone can easily purchase them for their projects.

Customize Jacket Back Digitizing According To Your Style

Our company offers a range of services to ensure client satisfaction with our artwork. We offer our clients a facility to create their projects in their own unique style. You can choose the colors, shapes, and everything you want on your jacket by digitizing its back. Our digitizer can guarantee 100% results by the project’s end. They provide all the design elements that clients desire.

Add your personal touch to your jacket by decorating the back with custom embroidery. Make it unique and one-of-a-kind. Personalize it with your family name, or put a phrase or motto of yours on it to show off at the next big party.

Top Rated Jacket Back Digitizer

When digitizing garments, the main things to consider are high quality and efficiency. Our team has been working on this for a while. We have developed special drawing equipment for digitizers. It helps users achieve high-quality garment digitization with ease and efficiency.


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Digitizing the back of jackets has many advantages, especially when you need to provide concise information to employees or customers. It is an effective way of reinforcing the process of digital transformation as well as encouraging investment in digitization.

Dst format is one of the most used embroidery formats. It has many benefits which you must know.

Yes! Our company offers digitizing services. You can contact us anytime to avail our services.

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