Top 10 Hip Hop Logos of All Time

Do you know about hip-hop logos? If not, then this article is going to be very interesting for you. Hip-hop is the most widespread culture of classic art, style, music, merchandise, vehicle, etc.

Because of its popularity, hip-hop logos are now added to boost your brand’s publicity. They are the most iconic logos and a sign of affection for hip-hop culture. Keep reading the blog to learn about hip-hop logos and the list of top ten logos that are an all-time favorite.

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Logos are named “hip hop” because of their association with hip-hop style. These logos are somehow different from traditional logos. They featured bold letters which are italicized or written in reversed directions.

The use of royal and solid colors expresses the nature of your brand and gives it a classy look. Famous rappers, musicians, and artists have been gaining more profit through their albums and attire featuring that logo.

Classic artists and musicians used these logos on their album covers, jackets, hats, shoes, etc. You can use three basic templates of hip hop which are the character logo of your favorite artist, the text, and the music logo of their band.

Hip Hop Logos

So typography and graffiti art are the core of hip-hop tradition. Use outfits featuring this art that help to show your affection for hip hop artists and add a new history of hip hop trends in today’s world.

Let’s explore the top ten classic hip hop logos that you can use to display their uniqueness and power.

Latest Hip Hop Logos:

Have a look at the following classic logos which add meaning to the artwork. These logos let customers appreciate your craft and remember you for a long.

Run DMC Logo:

This logo is designed in the name of a famous American Rapper group with their classy outfits. It is the top-of-the-list logo in Franklin Gothic font with a strong vibe for hip hop music, attire, and art of the 18’s.

It is very easy for you to analyze how bold and simple this logo is. It features a black base with white text and a red outline which looks like a classy square. The use of black color shows their seriousness and red for their confident style and sound.

Run DMC Logo

The logo becomes the first demand for most American merchandise brands like Adidas. They had a strong partnership with Run-DMC and produced the first laceless sneakers.

They gained more profit using this hip-hop logo for their sports suits, sweatshirts, and high-quality sneakers. Their collaboration makes a history in producing quality items that influence other groups to do the same.

Today, you can estimate how worthy it will be for you to use this logo in your marketing brand. You never find this logo outdated even after several decades. Download this logo in vector form and have fun making money with it.

Naughty By Nature Logo:

It’s an American trio which was very famous among the people of the 19’s. Their collection includes hip-hop hooray and OPP hits. This famous trio uses “naughty by nature” as a logo over their hats and t-shirts. After emerging as a famous hip-hop brand, they started giving away their products displaying this logo.

That is the other reason for their popularity and extra profit. People themselves get inspired and start using this hip-hop logo not only for their attire but for home accessories.

Naughty By Nature Logo

The reason for using this logo is the ease of creating a variety of goods like shirts, towels, jackets, bags, bedding stuff, etc. It seems like kids were making fun by writing something scary or creative.

Not only that, some fashion enthusiasts tailored their shirts for more fun by changing the word “nature” with some of the other traits. For example, Nervous By Nature, Champion By Nature Salty By Nature, etc.

Ultimately, many brands begin adding this logo to their merchandise store which will help them to get more customers at their store. This logo is made of solid black and white color but you can also change the color of your choice. If you want to emerge as a most wanted logo maker, adding this logo will be worth it.

Wu-tang Clan Logo:

It is one of the best-known hip hop bands with a classy stylish logo of W with sharper edges. The whole logo looks like a blade which is the base behind this art.

This brand introduced the classic songs, games, and movies of the time. This blade shape W became the core of the art which is why famous music artists use it. However, it’s just a simple shape of W which you think is an easy logo to put on grants or sneakers.

Wu-tang Clan Logo

But there is an interesting tail behind it. When this famous group performed on the stage, they turned their position upside down and sideways which made a W clan.

After that art, they gained more fame and became a prominent brand in hip-hop history. Now this hip hop logo seems a must-have collection in top stores and online to use for t-shirts, shoes, and many more.

Eminem Logo:

This logo indicates that all the logos do not need to be designed in a specific way. But still, people love and embrace the artist and their creativity by putting their tattoos. No need to worry about color choice, it just involves a monochrome black palette.

Eminem Logo

But some fashionistas used red to highlight the reversed E. This logo wasn’t registered until 2004, but this group started adding this logo to their album covers.

From that time, it has been added to the hip hop logos collection which is inspiring other brands to include it in their clothing line.

Outkast Logo:

This is top of a ground band for its hip hop music and impressive style. Their band is enclosed in a royal cover to show their luxurious lifestyle. This Outkast band used their logo to keep the public in mystery for the release and publicity of their new hits.

Ultimately, it results in a large fan following list. The template for Outkast logos is available on various trusted websites. You can download this logo in PNG or any file format compatible with your software and machine.

Outkast Logo

You can also review the blog if you want to digitize your favorite logo using a machine with full accuracy.

Furthermore, you can purchase these hip hop logos from eBay and Amazon and put them on your shirts to reveal the hip hop vibe.

Public Enemy Logo:

The logo features a boy silhouette which reflects an American Chuck D wearing a hat. It was first used by the famous hip-hop Run-DMC band. This logo is an indication of political and police violence over the public of America on a racial basis.

Due to its association with the battle against injustice, this logo gained popularity among retailers and goods. Chuck D with three of its band members emphasized equal rights and breaking the chain of racism with their music.

Public Enemy Logo

They had inspired the people and artists with their bold streetwear and sound for social rights. It became the best hip-hop logo of that time until today due to the iconic design with the crosshair silhouette that is being threatened by power. They designed the logo not only for album covers but a protest sign over hoodies and shirts.

Cypress Hill:

As the name indicates, it was a famous band not only as a top-ranking rapper and music artist but also for tourism and selling goods. They have been in the hip hop industry for over 25 years, releasing thousands of soundtracks.

Their products have a clever and eye-catching logo for their followers. Their collection includes all-time favorite music series and tour updates.

Cypress Hill

You can visit their official page to download this logo that can be used in Adobe Illustrator to proceed further with this logo. But Make sure to agree with their terms and policies because they allow you to download the logo just for non-commercial purposes.


It is abbreviated as Erick and Parrish Making Dollars. They are the best rapper duo, which gained fame for their innovative music series and singles. They featured their logo for the first time on their album “Strictly Business”. This logo is just like a simple handwritten text which is personalized and unique.


This logo is an indication of the success that these rappers get from their hip hop music careers. If you also want to add it to your library, go and download it in any format (Eps or PNG) and celebrate your success in the branding sector.

Gang Starr Logo:

The co-founder of this logo is a famous duo Guru And DJ, known as the best rapper of American hip hop. Then it evolved into a gang, with more members joining the band. Their logo has a stylish G and S with sharp edges.

It depicts the story of royalty and the artists’ effect on hip hop culture and fans. And it conveys a strong sense of historical music.

Gang Starr Logo

These gangsters applied a logo on music collections, products, and marketing activities. You can use the template for this symbol, which people used to wear on their shirts and hats to celebrate hip-hop art while listening to music.

Learn more about the importance of digitized logos in your corporate branding in this blog.

Strange Music Logo:

This hip-hop logo represents a snake battling a bat. It gets its name from their favorite supper hit. Nothing compares to this band, which is well-known for its innovative products as well as its music series.

They wore their emblem on clothing to show off to their followers and used strange melodies in gaming and movies. Tech N9ne and his band began their career in the 19th century by selling millions of strange music recordings.

Strange Music Logo

They customized this symbol for their clothing, automobiles, and tattoos. They were not prominent at times, but eventually gained recognition in the hip-hop industry.

This band created their studio and began organizing fan tours. The artist then applies that emblem to all winter and summer clothing, as well as the entrance of vehicles, etc.


This is all about how hip hop logos provide a unique opportunity for you to showcase your brand identity and make it effective. Even today, people admire legendary artists, their lifestyles, music, and accessories. The ten logos depict the artist’s struggles, passion, and earning strategies in branding during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Hip hop artists gain popularity not only due to their unique voices and music tastes but also as fashion icons for the public. They made history, which is still being followed by fashion fans looking to create something unique. You can also create a logo to narrate your company’s heritage and to attract a large number of customers.

Run-DMC and the Wu-tang clan are well-known logos for their trendy musicians and beautiful music. Run-DMC is well renowned for its strong aesthetic, while Wu-Tang has a bird or blade shape. And large W represents the clan’s actions during the play. The clan established a well-known personality through their music and art-rich clothing and accessories. Whereas Run DMC has a successful collaboration with Adidas, which produces high-quality sneakers and sweatshirts with the text logo.

This logo combines text and a picture of a boy holding a rifle. It was created to back up and speak out against cruelty and power. People admired this design and began using it as a symbol of the struggle for their rights.

Hip hop culture is rich in art and style. Most artists and rappers established history by releasing albums and creating thoughtful logos. This culture has a strong impact on millions of people. This effect allows others to express their creativity by creating anything hip-hop-related. These logos are widely accepted by classic fashion followers and will elevate your brand to new heights.

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