Why You Need Custom Embroidery Digitizing | 10 Reasons

If you are looking to expand your embroidery virtually, go for custom embroidery digitizing. This technique helps to grow your business in both fame and mass production. In this modern time, people show great affection for using customized products.

Most of the Popular brands are using custom embroidery digitization to improve their apparel, accessories, and so on. It also becomes part of the promotional companies. In this article, our basic focus is to figure out why we should consider it.

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We have talked about embroidery digitizing many times in our previous articles. Simply put, this is the process of improving the design quality, quantity, and expected profit. Do you often wonder, how custom embroidery digitizing has such potential to increase profit?

The answer is quite simple. It is because of the digital approach that fulfills the client’s needs. It has become an important part of the fashion and decor industries and also for commercial production.

This is just a short introduction to custom embroidery digitizing. You are all familiar with this process which includes the efficient use of software and digitizing control.

custom embroidery digitizing

Did you notice how the companies have similar logos and patterns over multiple stuff? And how much time did they need to make these designs in large quantities?

It could be surprising for you. However, businesses that use custom embroidery digitizing don’t have to dedicate a whole day or month to meeting their due date.

They can make a thousand copies of your favorite logo or design in less time. So, let’s talk in detail about the wonders of custom embroidery digitizing across different industries.

What to choose: Auto or manual digitizing

Auto or manual digitizing

When you convert photographs into a stitchable pattern with digital tools, it is simply known as digitizing. But some software features automatic operation. Although the process is the same.

Manually, you need to select the setting whenever you digitize. But with auto tools, you need to set it once to make design in a stock.

It improves speed and saves time without affecting the look of the pattern. But here’s a suggestion. Give a try to automatic process after learning the proper use of software.

Reasons for using custom embroidery digitizing:

With the growing technology, people are shifting their trend to wear clothes with unique touches. They think wearing stylish clothes shows their passion. Custom embroidery digitizing has changed the wearing style, especially in the fashion industry.

You can design any kind of clothes and costumes such as stitching your child’s favorite cartoon character. With the use of auto digitization, you can try creative ideas for your apparel and decor.

It doesn’t include just clothes, you can digitize logos, badges, and monograms for every material. Now move to the reason why people prefer custom embroidery digitizing for their projects.

Reason #01: High-level embroidered results

High-level embroidered results

Compared to handcrafted items, customized clothing gives satisfying outcomes. This is due to properly digitized designs. And the next game is of thread and needle.

The digitizer puts each detail such as stitch type and angle. And your embroidery machine follows that path; this is how the magic begins.

Whether you need a casual shirt with a logo or copies of floral patterns for bed sheets, auto digitization has all you covered.

If you consult Emdigitizer, our professionals can convert your designs with precision. You will receive accurate desired results with us. You can hire us for any type of digitizing services for commercial and promotional tasks.

Reason #2: Flexible Approach

Flexible Approach

When you hear embroidery digitization, you think of garments, accessories, decorations, etc. But it includes more than that.

The purpose of embroidery digitization is to offer creative freedom. If you are part of the branding sector, you can also take advantage of custom embroidery digitizing.

Not only branding, you can make embroidered samples of any type for marketing purposes. There is a big list of items for which you can digitize.

You can design your decor items with even complex 3D floral. It also includes themed patterns such as Halloween or Christmas. You can make hats and shirts for athletic groups or seasonal bridal scarves or jackets.

Reason #3: Marketing and Promotion

Marketing and Promotion

This multipurpose technique helps in a unique brand identification. Consider starting a new brand; you can embroider samples with your company details for marketing purposes.

The example includes patches with QR codes. You can embroider them on the front of materials. You can add any detail, price, and product detail over them.

You can use these codes to advertise any business like event planner, clothing, shoes, or badges. This custom digitizing has set a new trend to let customers find you by your profile. 

Reason #4: less chance of getting Errors

In the case of hand embroidery, you need to be very careful in putting stitches on the exact point. Sometimes people get frustrated with complex design, especially with large stitching sessions.

And it also requires being active in precise thread color choice. But most of us don’t want to be stuck in errors that limit our productivity.

It also results in looking at design with a lack of precision. This is not in the case of custom embroidery digitizing. It reduces the chance of getting issues of design and thread breakage.

Experts make designs with full accuracy. Your machine can easily embroider the same pattern with the exact stitch type and thread color.

Reason #5: Increase Output

How does the use of custom embroidery digitizing help increase your income potential? The answer is simple. It helps make most of the designs to transfer on hundreds of materials. Providing quality patterns to your customers will lead them to become regular clients and hire you for large orders.

The digitizing services made this possible by meeting the deadline of clients for completing large orders. Skilled digitizers with good software skills help capture tiny details of design that customers need. Ultimately, it increased your brand value and net production to a large scale.

Reason #6: Long Term Use

Long Term Use

When you purchase printed products, they lose their shine with time. This is because most printers use low-quality ink that fades after two or three washes. ( It depends on ink properties).

The fully digitized design is more durable than the printed one. Digitizers try to make the best choice of colors. And they are aware of fabric and thread qualities.

A good quality thread color only fades once you use harsh chemicals for washing. You can simply wash them off and they appear more fresh than before. This is the same case with logos in branding and promotional products.

Reason #7: Time Saving Process

When you apply an automatic way to business tasks, it takes less time than manual embroidery. It saves time by simplifying the color selection task. Now the machine can create one design over a hundred items easily.

It reduces production time and lets you invest time in making design more elegant and other tasks. You can choose auto digitization for handling large projects in less time.

Reason #8: Budget Friendly

With this process, you will observe a decline in labor costs. You don’t need to invest money in hiring more people to get the project done. But with printing, you need to invest more in the best printers and inks, but the results will not stay long.

But the embroidery digitizing involves cost just for good materials. But it leaves long-lasting impressions on clients. You can also explore a free software program for digitizing that gives you the best results.

Reason #9: Custom Design

The reason behind its large-scale use lies in this feature. Now you don’t need to bound over traditional embroidery patterns. You can try new things with different colors and stitches.

There are different software which gives you the option to import graphics to make patterns. And you can create your design with one touch. You can also edit your design as per your taste such as size and color. So, have fun making your masterpiece that won’t match with anyone else.

Reason #10: Accurate and Speedy Operation

Last but not least, what does increase your production speed? If you try to be faster at manual tasks, you are certain to make mistakes and end up with poor design.

But with digital methods, you can make plenty of items smoothly with greater speed. And guess what, every piece comes with uniform results. This is beneficial for both small and even large industries that require large-scale production.


I hope you have learned enough about the value of embroidery digitizing in your companies. This is not the end of how this growing strategy is becoming more popular in many businesses.

Here are a few important points for you. Make sure to invest in good embroidered tools and supplies. They help in both fame and productivity rate than other competitive brands. Wishing you the best-embroidered journey ahead!

Most companies have a vision to make their client happy and satisfied. But they also need to adopt smart strategies that give benefits to the company and clients. This is where digitizing does its role.

It takes less time to yield more profit. With minimum investment, it produces a flawless design that leaves long-lasting impressions on customers. This is the basic reason, why every industry wishes to include it to enhance their worth.

You can introduce customized patches featuring a QR code that lets your customers contact you. These tiny patches help to maximize customer reach to your brand. And it improves your brand value. You can give samples to your clients to test your services.

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