Top 20 Easy Halloween Drawing Ideas

Halloween turns into a creative and mysterious time of year, and it’s the ideal place to let your artistic talents open.

These top 20 simple Halloween drawing ideas will bring a festive vibe to your projects regardless of the level of proficiency with a sketchbook.

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List Of Halloween Drawing Ideas:

See these simple Halloween drawing ideas that help develop your creative skills for enjoying the excitement of Halloween.

Halloween Drawing Ideas

1- Spooky Jack-o’-Lanterns

Start by sketching pumpkins of multiple shapes. Now add ominous facial traits like pointed teeth, absurd smiles, and threatening eyes.

For some uniqueness, experiment with various positions and gestures. To add even more spookiness, think about adding natural light and shadowy areas.

With this simple drawing idea, artists can create creepy squash patches to evoke the joy of Halloween.

2- Ghost


It’s one of the fun and simple Halloween drawing ideas that add an amusing touch to the chilling season. Just draw a set of charming ghosts, each having an individual style.

These lovely ghosts can be created in a variety of shapes, sizes, and expressions. To give the ghosts a unique appeal, incorporate wacky elements like nervous smiles or ironically big eyes.

Make cute ghosts for a fun and easy way to embrace the joy of Halloween without the scary stuff. They can be hanging around in a circle or playing games.

3- Vampire Bat

Vampire Bat

A simple Halloween drawing idea would be to sketch vampire bat colonies. Start by drawing a swarm of bats suspended down from the creepy ceilings of caves.

To add motion to the picture, highlight the pointy teeth and curved ears of each bat and give them different poses.

Add a full moon to the horizon to bring out the dark atmosphere. By involving tiny details like fog or shading, one can make it more scary.

This is an easy but efficient part of the Halloween drawing ideas. Because it allows you to express the creativity in depicting the terrifying appeal of vampire bats.

4- Eerie Owl

Because the Eerie Owl mostly contains simple shapes like circles and ovals to create its big, round eyes. You can draw a branch that highlights the overall Halloween environment.

The branch may be cracked or bent creating a scary atmosphere. The scene is finished by adding a few leaves or a moonlit crescent in the background.

One can sketch the Eerie Owl with a restricted color scheme such as shades of blue, dark gray, and black.

The Eerie Owl is suitable for several Halloween settings. You can create whimsical options, whether it’s sitting on a squash or enveloped in mist.

5- Pumpkin


There are various reasons why pumpkin is used as an easy Halloween drawing idea. First, it has an easy form that mostly consists of an oval or circular shape.

Secondly, it is easy to create facial traits that are typically sliced into pumpkins, such as the nostrils, eyes, and mouth.

And pumpkins are creative! Artists can try out various postures and patterns on these versatile vegetables.

Pumpkin drawings are attractive and simple because they are fair and can be done by people of any level of drawing skill.

6- Candy Corn Characters

You can draw sweet corn elements one at a time or in groups to make a festive feel for enjoying this season. The ability to scale enables artists to modify their work to a variety of items for Halloween themes.

The classic candies are limited to color scheme. For making the drawing process easier to handle, this simplicity permits artistic expression within a limited number of colors.

Think about adding caps, bows, or even small props to give those candy corn projects some extra flair.

7- Wicked Witch

Wicked Witch

Drawing the iconic elements of the witch is simple, especially her flying broom and pointed hat. The broom with a simple spike design and the cap can have a basic conical style.

Usually, the witch’s familiar parts like a cauldron and a mop. They are basic shapes that give the drawing traits without needing tiny details.

Although drawing a wicked witch’s basic features is simple. You can make the witch truly original by adding frills like patterned masks or strange color schemes.

8- Halloween Cat Silhouette

Halloween Cat Silhouette

This is one of the simpler Halloween drawing ideas as it mostly uses basic patterns and curves. Simple forms such as curves and circles are needed to create a shadow of a black cat beneath the full moon.

The silhouette’s simplicity also lends itself to unique meaning. You can add some special touches without losing components of a traditional Halloween picture.

9- Flying Broomstick

Flying Broomstick

It would be easy and entertaining to create a flying broom for Halloween drawing ideas. Forming a broom grip begins with drawing a long, slightly bent line.

After that, use curly strokes that go up to create a clump of hairs at the top. To create a genuine, rustic style, add features like a few loose branches.

Draw a few movement patterns on the stick to simulate its gliding in the air, giving a sense that it is in flight.

Please go ahead to add additional elements or decorations to make a sketch with Halloween in mind that is truly unique!

10- Mystical Crystal Ball

Mystical Crystal Ball

Draw a mysterious crystal ball to generate an eerie yet captivating sight. Start drawing the ball as a circle, then add ghosts of fog moving around.

Draw mysterious signs or photos with the festival theme in the mist. For more spookiness, set the glass ball on a table with bottles, and possibly a blinking candle.

This easiest drawing captures the spirit of spiritual magic. And it lends a sense of elegance to the Halloween paintings.

11- Spiders And Web

It’s quite easy to create spiders and webs for Halloween drawings, and they give the work a scary feel.

To begin, sketch a spider’s abdomen as a tiny circle. Make legs by extending 8 lines away from the flesh and add small curls for an alarming aspect.

To create the web, join each line with curves. For more depth, place thinner points within each part. To increase the spooky ambiance, incorporate shadowy areas.

These simple parts bring on the Halloween vibe and make drawings more enjoyable and creepy at the same time.

12- Werewolf

Create a furry creature with big, oval-shaped eyes and a warm smile for a simple Halloween drawing of a beautiful wolf.

Give it pointed ears, soft fur, and maybe even some amusing fangs. Show the werewolf not in a scary but in a cutesy pose, such as holding a Halloween candy or donning a costume piece.

13- Wacky Mummy

Wacky Mummy

The Wacky Mummy, which has a fun and peculiar twist, is among the craziest drawing ideas for Halloween.

This figure has misplaced eyes and unkempt dressings rather than the classic, deadly zombie.

If you add cartoonish details such as a skewed smile or fuzzy eyes peeking out of the ripping bandages, it will become even funnier.

14- Day Of The Dead Skull

A historical symbol linked to the festival of the Dead’s Day, also known as the sugar skull. Begin with a basic head shape to create a simple Spooky form.

Decorate the sugar skulls with marks, foliage, and floral patterns. Make use of bold color schemes. Think about incorporating symbols like the heart, broken bones, or even a cheerful face.

15- Bewitched Cauldron

Sketch a silly cauldron filled with amazing goods for the coolest Halloween drawing ideas. Sketch the cauldron as a big, piping pot with magical spins coming out of it.

Include humorous details like turned bases, and gliding eyeballs. Put a cunning witch’s hat to indicate a funny spell.

16- Frankenstein’s Monster

Frankenstein's Monster

Start using a square head and add visible screws to each side for a simple version of the drawing. Style it in a rough, flat top and leave a sewn scar over the top of it. The eyes ought to be deep and have angular, tiny lenses.

Sketch a mouth that is open and square-shaped. Draw a large, stitched-up face with visible wounds and expand the neck.

Put on somewhat round hands and sewed, flat legs to finish up. To point out the monster’s scary look and to add dimension, use coloring.

17- Skeleton Dance Party

For a dancing party, sketch an exciting scene of funny dead bodies stepping to life. Every skeleton ought to have a unique attitude and personality.

Some might even be dressed up in amusing attire like bowties or hats. Use active expressions and flexible moving poses to create an exciting environment.

To finish a festive mood, incorporate sound effects like flying papers or a scary DJ. This is one of the easiest Halloween drawing ideas adding a fun touch to your gallery of holiday creations.

18- Petrifying Potion Bottles

Petrifying Potion Bottles

You can draw a collection of potion bottles for this imaginative and creepy Fall drawing project. You can give your artwork a witchy feel by labeling every bottle with a curious and deadly potion.

It’s possible to have fun with various bottle sizes and designs as well as scary shades. This imparts originality to every potion bottle and enhances the dreamy quality of the drawing.

19- Full Moon Night Drawing

Draw the big, radiant moon in the middle of the material on a creepy moonlit night. Add hazy clouds all around it to make it feel terrifying.

Include a shadowy image of a displayed tree, its tangled branches extending to the moon.

Add a few ghostly elements, such as bats swooping to the sky, and maybe the far-off outline of an eerie house perched on a peak.

Keep things simple and concentrate on how the dark, eerie aspects of the night are opposed to the moon’s brightness.

20- Headless Horseman

Headless Horseman

Imagine the Headless Horseman running in a foggy, dark jungle for a simple Horror drawing idea. His jack-o’-lantern’s light threw a ghostly glow on tangled trees and scaring animals.

Create the ghostly form of men without heads, pointing out the pumpkin’s smile and the horse’s creepy run to bring out a sense of mystery.


Celebrate Halloween’s wonder with these simple drawing ideas suitable for all skill levels. These examples will add a festive flair to the creative collection, despite your taste for freakiness.

Hence take the drawing pen or digital device and start bringing these Halloween-themed sketches to reality.

Try to use different colors for shading and create shadows. For extra creepiness, include features like spider webs, creatures like bats, or full moonlight.

Try a smiley pumpkin pie, a frightful ghost, or an easy-to-draw vampire bat shape.

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