Where To Buy Cheap Fabric Online- Best 10 Online Stores

If you’re trapped at home and don’t have time to go shopping or can’t find the fabric you want in the local stores?

You might shop online, but you’re hesitant because of concerns over the products’ quality and lack of familiarity with online retailers.

We’ll present the top 10 online fabric stores in this post so you can buy cheap fabric online along with the benefits they are providing without having to worry about shipping costs.

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Buying fabric online can be a convenient and cost-effective way to shop for a wider selection of fabrics from the comfort of your own home.

Online shopping provides access to reviews from other customers who have purchased the same fabric.

This can help you make an informed decision and ensure that the fabric you purchase meets your expectations.

Buy cheap fabric Online

The most recent pandemic (Covid-19), during which we were prohibited from making in-person purchases in the town, serves as an illustration.

One can buy cheap fabric online without worrying about the quality of the fabrics, colors, designs, or price ranges thanks to the vast selection offered by online fabric merchants.

Important Factors To Consider Before Online Shopping 

When going to buy cheap online fabric with the needed features, several considerations can be beneficial.

Depending on the requirements of the projects:

  • Consider the fabric type, thickness, and width.
  • Fabric length
  • Test piece or sample availability
  • Look for coupon codes and discounts
  • Refund policy
  • Limit of the increment
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Establish credibility

(Customer’s review)

You could become confused when attempting to select the best fabric of your choice. To avoid this problem, click here for guidance while making your selection.

List Of Best Stores To Buy Cheap Fabric Online

Have a look at our top selections of online shops where you can buy cheap fabric with a diverse collection and quality delivery.

1) Spoon Flower

The wide variety of colors and patterns on fabric offered by this brand is a distinguishing quality.

There, you can see more than 1 million fabric designs made by artists (worldwide), including designs for pillows, wall hangings for shops, printed wallpapers, floor coverings, upholstery, and decorative items.

Spoon Flower

It is one of the greatest places to buy cheap fabric online, and if you can’t find the best fabric types suitable for your project, you can also create your unique design.

It is necessary to consider the fabric type concerning the design’s nature. click here to learn about the best types of embroidery fabric.

There is just another quality that elevates the spoonflower. On a fabric, you can get any kind of print. The size ranges are extremely flexible.

A quarter, a yard, and 8*8 squares are the smallest sizes available. ($17.50 per yard for fabric made of cotton).

A benefit of a sample is that a company allows customers to buy cheap fabric online for a sample of all textile possibilities for $7.


  • Offers a choice between several fabric designs and colors.
  • E.g decor, wallpaper, pillows, or upholstery
  • Flexible size ranges
  • You can submit your design to get a unique fabric
  • Sample availability over 20-24 textile options

2) Fabric. com

It is among the best online fabric suppliers sponsored by Amazon. The benefit is that it offers fabric straight to the customer at reasonable pricing. You have the option to buy cheap fabric online from this website of any color and design of your choice.

You can thus employ a wide range of fabrics from the collection of your favorite artist for various plans, including furnishings, art, handbags, crocheting, and functional activities.

One of the great characteristics is that you can buy cheap fabric online from this retailer and also get free and speedy shipment on all purchases above $49.

At the closing of each period, this site provides substantial discounts and offers free discount coupons to customers who buy cheap fabric online.

Fabric. com

Their clearance sector is where you can find the best amazing deals. You can review the details mentioned for each fabric while proceeding to buy cheap fabric online.

As was previously said, this is Amazon’s online platform, and Amazon offers exclusive discounts to premium subscribers who want to buy cheap fabric online.

While working on huge projects, the fabric is supplied by the bolts. Fabric orders are only accepted in minimum quantities.

(For instance, a yard is the cut length for a textile.)


  • Amazon’s online textile market
  • Fabric from a designer collection for knitting, quilting, upholstery
  • Great deals in the clearance category
  • Amazon customers receive exclusive discounts when shopping online.
  • Coupon codes

3) Joann

Joann is yet another great place to buy cheap fabric online with a large selection of curated fabric compilations, featuring comics, characters, autumnal, Halloween decorations, and bands.

Also, you can get a variety of stitching supplies at low costs, including cutting tools for embroidery and clothing, along with other goods.

In addition to learning about the best fabrics, visit our blog to see how using embroidery tools effectively may help your business progress.

For entertainment, a qualified template is provided, including Disneyland, Harry Potter, and several others. Globally, Joann has both online and masonry stores.

If you want to buy cheap fabric online, there are several huge bargains and special offers.


Note: For approximately 60% off on standard and discount rate coupon codes, watch their advertisements.

The texture, hue, layout, and print of your selected product can be checked using a sample.

The fact that not all varieties of cheap fabric are available to purchase online can be a drawback of this store.


  • Festive textile collection Embroidery and sewing equipment
  • Appropriate costs
  • Sheets are supplied for texture, hue, and printing confirmation.
  • Coupons for massive savings

4) Queen Of Raw

This enormous platform, as its name suggests, allows buyers and sellers to transact in fabric supplies from all over the world.

You may buy cheap fabric online with modest pre-cut or trash bundles below 3 meters thanks to the wide range of high-quality fabrics that are offered at fair price points.

Queen Of Raw

When buying cheap fabric online, you can visit this site to examine how much it complies with the norms of reusing, recycling, and pricing by checking the environmental efficiency assessment of each item of fabric.

Isn’t it fantastic that you may recycle your old fabrics in the bin rather than destroying them? Click here to discover fun methods to recycle fabric to create useful goods.

Amazon, SAP, Microsoft, Paypal, TechStars, and more firms have collaborations with this global market.


  • Buy cheap fabrics online because they are sustainable.
  • Approximately 3 meters in length of raw material.
  • Research on environmental impact
  • Collaboration with SAP, Amazon, TechStars, etc.
  • Affordable pricing options

5) Moodfabric. com

It offers a huge range of high-quality fabric, and extensive variety per yard, together with artists and designers, making it the best-equipped website to buy cheap fabric online.

The best seasonal discounts and bargains on your preferred fabric are accessible at this larger online fabric retailer.

Moodfabric. com

Another benefit of this site is that it serves as a one-stop shop where you can buy cheap fabric online as well as frills, beads, gadgets, fasteners, and many other items for current projects.

You can become perplexed while trying to determine the ideal way to buy cheap online fabric varieties but this store makes it simple by allowing you to pick the sort of material you prefer.

The online chat option with a professional is another appealing feature, and this website also includes free stitching templates and articles regarding stitching techniques.


  • The largest sales are generated for customers who will buy cheap fabric online.
  • An online chat feature with expertise.
  • There is often a free template provided.
  • Blog posts about stitching tips.


From personalized things to festive discoveries, Etsy is a worldwide market with innovative products.

You can buy cheap fabric from an independent retailer online in a broad range of sizes, including sewn pieces or small patches.

One standout advantage is that it offers a buyer an opportunity to see user feedback which seems to be trustworthy by enabling many ratings per supplier.


As it includes a variety of any kind of fabrics, including old traditional fabric and festive or painted patterns, this is the ideal location to buy cheap fabric online.

Shades aren’t possible for all clothes, and shipping rates can be costly, depending on where you order.


  • Handmade items produced by professionals across the globe
  • Customer’s  feedback
  • From ordinary to customized textiles
  • Accessibility of small patches

7) Minted.com

It is another renowned online fabric retailer that is widely recognized for its sizable selection of incredible art fabric from competent artists and printed items, such as gift and paper cards, wedding invitations, ceremonies, and Christmas presents, among many other things.

For step-by-step instructions on embroidering paper cards, go here if you’re curious.

Some shops offer fabric for a fair price, such as $32 for a yard of excellent cotton.

You may get cheap fabric online in a variety of hues and patterns out of a cloth collection that fits particular projects.

The limitation of the fabric’s length, which is measured in 1-yard length, is a drawback, but depending on how complicated the project is, you might find yourself with an extra cloth.


  • Custom printed handicrafts and art fabrics from expert manufacturers.
  • Various colors and patterns
  • Inexpensive costs
  • Custom cards for gifts, invitation cards, and numerous other items

8) Blue Moon Fabrics

This is the most well-known place to buy cheap fabric online for its abundance of stylish and environmentally beneficial repurposed materials, including polyester.

You can find the ideal fabric for your projects thanks to our website’s relationship with screen costume factories. Swatch alternatives are provided for the ease of the consumer.

This is the ultimate destination in the realm of glitz, as was previously stated. Besides that, there is a restriction, you cannot buy cheap online fabric for upholstery and furnishing.


  • Spectacular cloth availability
  • Accessible recycled textiles like spandex and nylon samples

9) Fabric Mart

Fabric Mart is an online fabric store that sells a wide variety of fabrics including fashion fabrics, quilting cotton, home decor fabrics, etc.

They offer a curated selection of high-quality fabrics from well-known brands, as well as their line of exclusive fabrics.

In addition to selling fabric, fabric Mart also offers a variety of sewing patterns, notions, and trims to help you complete your projects.

Using accessories is a smart notion if you want to make your embroidered job more captivating. For information on the best embroidery accessories, see the blog.  

They have a clearance section on their website where you can buy cheap online fabrics and other items at bigger discounts as they often have sales and promotions throughout the year.

Fabric Mart

Fabric Mart offers worldwide shipping, and satisfaction guarantees if you intend to buy cheap fabric online.

They also have a blog and YouTube channel with tutorials, project ideas, and other helpful information for sewists of all levels.

Overall, Fabric Mart is a great option for anyone looking to buy cheap fabric online with high-quality materials whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sewist.


  • Best store to buy cheap fabric online
  • Free tutorials and projects ideas
  • Sales and promotions

10) Fabric Wholesale Direct

Fabric Wholesale Direct is an online fabric store that sells a wide variety of fabrics at wholesale prices.

They offer a large selection of different types of fabric including cotton, polyester, nylon, silk, lace, denim, and many more.

Their fabrics come in different colors, patterns, and designs, making them suitable for a range of applications, such as clothing, upholstery, drapery, crafts, and home decor.

Fabric Wholesale Direct

The company prides itself on offering quality fabrics to those who intend to buy cheap fabric online by providing excellent customer service.

Fabric Wholesale Direct frequently offers discounts and promotions on its products, making them an attractive option for customers looking to buy cheap fabric online.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Offer discounts and promotions to buy cheap fabric online

Final Words

Whenever you are going to search for fabric stores to buy cheap fabric online, you will have a lot of options.

You can’t check all the websites that fulfill your sewing and crafting needs.

So I have narrowed down the list to 10. By keeping in mind the fabric, texture, quality, and variety of colors and patterns at a suitable price point, you can buy cheap online fabric relevant to your projects.

All these sites provide you with the best quality fabric from decor, and handcrafting to themed fabrics, coupons for discounts, seasonal sales, and fast shipping services.

Moreover, a description is provided about each fabric piece which is helpful for you to buy cheap fabric online according to your budget. You will get advice from their experts in case of any queries.


With online fabric shopping, you can shop from the comfort of your own home at any time of the day. You don’t have to worry about making time to go to a physical store or dealing with crowds and traffic.

Online fabric material inspection is difficult, but sites that offer user reviews make it easier for you to choose the best fabric types. These stores offer a wider collection for buying cheap online fabric that may be used for tulle skirts, swimsuits, decorative items, upholstery furniture, and other categories.

Hence, you can get discounts when purchasing in bulk, in packages, or by yards. On every occasion, you’ll enjoy their great discount codes.

Hope this article enables you to explore new brands to buy cheap fabric online without compromising the color and quality.

  • Consider the fabric type, thickness, and width.
  • Fabric length and sample availability
  • Look for coupon codes and discounts
  • Refund policy
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Establish credibility

The list of best online fabric stores includes:

Fabric. Com 


Queen of raw 



Mood fabric 


Fabricwholsesale direct

Fabric mart       

The cost of shopping by yard varies depending on the manufacturing and delivery.

  • The cost of the cotton tends to start at about $5 a yard.
  • The rate of fabric for apparel and interior decoration varies from $10 to $30 a yard.

From producers and merchants of fabrics, designers buy the cloth they prefer.

If you purchase a full bolt of fabric or more, you might be eligible for a discount from some online retailers. It’s wise to carefully examine and see if there are any deals available for significant orders.

If you have any questions leave the comments or you can visit our social channels for more updates regularly. We provide embroidery digitizing services if you need digitizing services feel free to contact us or email us.

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