Juki Tajima Sai 8 Needle Embroidery Machine Complete Overview

If you’re searching for a high-performance machine to handle complex designs and deliver professional results, look no further than the Juki Tajima Sai 8-needle.

From lightning-fast stitching speeds to seamless pattern transfers, this powerhouse is sure to inspire your artistic ventures. Let’s look more closely at its attributes, benefits, and drawbacks.

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The Juki Tajima Sai is unquestionably a machine to take into consideration as it offers most of the standard features typically found in larger commercial machines, yet it maintains a sleek and lightweight design that makes it portable.

What sets it apart in its price range is the inclusion of a touch control panel, which is a unique feature. The 8-needle configuration of the Juki Tajima Sai provides unparalleled versatility.

Juki Tajima Sai

With multiple needles at your disposal, you can seamlessly switch between different thread colors without having to manually change threads each time.

This saves precious time and allows for a smoother workflow, especially when working on complex or multicolored designs. Precision is another hallmark of the Juki Tajima Sai. It includes modern innovation that guarantees each stitch is put consistently and accurately.

Whether you’re embroidering delicate monograms or intricate logos, you can rely on the Juki Tajima Sai to produce stunning results every time.


Let’s explore its fascinating qualities to find out why embroidery fanatics appreciate it so highly.

Stitching Speed:

With the Juki Tajima Sai, you can create your projects swiftly and effectively because of its excellent stitching rate.

With its high-speed capabilities, you can save time and take on more intricate designs without compromising on quality.

Equipped With 8-Needles:

Equipped With 8-Needles

The Juki Tajima Sai’s 8-needle setup is one of its unique features. This gives you the option to utilize up to 8 different thread colors at once, providing countless design options.

The machine transitions between hues with ease, offering the needlework a crisp and competent appearance.

Combined Patterns And Fonts:

The Juki Tajima Sai has a sizable selection of integrated designs and characters. You will always be able to choose the ideal design for your project thanks to the wide variety of alternatives, which include both traditional and modern styles.

Click here to get a comprehensive guide on how to select the best embroidery fonts for your project.

Additionally, you can add text to your creations and customize them using the built-in styles to give them a special touch.


With the USB connectivity feature, you can easily transfer your designs or access new ones from external sources. Connect a USB disc to the device and easily transfer your favorite designs.

This makes it possible for anyone to stay contemporary with design and develop their imagination above existing patterns.

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Auto Thread Cutter:

Auto Thread Cutter

Saying goodbye to manually clipping threads with each color change with an auto yarn trimmer that correctly cuts the threads after each color segment.

This feature of the Juki Tajima Sai not only saves time but also guarantees a neat and expertly finished project.

Touch Screen:

Touch Screen

Navigating through the machine’s features and settings is made simple and intuitive with its 7-inch wide touch screen.

The touch panel allows you to make adjustments, select designs, and customize your embroidery with ease. 

Auto Thread Detection:

Embroidery mishaps such as thread breaks and tangles can be frustrating so the Juki Tajima Sai includes automatic thread detection, which alerts you when a thread breaks or runs out during embroidery.

This feature ensures smooth and uninterrupted stitching, saving you time and minimizing errors.

LED Lighting System

The Juki Tajima Sai is equipped with an LED bulb that provides bright and even lighting on the embroidery field to ensure optimal visibility of your work. It allows you to accurately monitor the progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Machine Design:

Despite its powerful features, the Juki Tajima Sai boasts a robust design, making it ideal for home or small business use.

Its space-saving construction ensures that it can fit comfortably in any embroidery workspace, allowing you to make the most of your available area.

Small Free Arm:

Small Free Arm

The small cylindrical small free arm of the Juki Tajima Sai provides ease of access and maneuverability when working on small or tubular projects.

With the help of this function, you can easily produce accurate and complex embroidery on cuffs, collars, or tiny accessories.

Quick Productivity:

Quick Productivity

With the machine’s two embroidery frames, you may work on many projects at once or increase output for bigger orders.

The Juki Tajima Sai is a useful tool for use in embroidery firms since it allows you to move between frames effortlessly, increasing your productivity.

Comes With Software:

Comes With Software

The Tajima DG16 by Pulse software is provided with the Juki Tajima Sai to further improve your stitching capabilities. You may develop, alter, and digitize designs with this robust software’s extensive design editing tools.

The included software expands your creative possibilities and ensures you have everything you need to bring your embroidery ideas to life.

This is a list of the top embroidery auto-digitizing software for your embroidery machine that you may use to change and digitize patterns.


The Juki Tajima Sai comes with various accessories like any commercial machine:

  • A soft case that helps protect the machine during storage or travel.
  • It has a handle on top for convenient transportation and a front pocket to keep frequently used accessories like batteries easily accessible.
  • This case can hold all the accompanying accessories such as the needle set, power cord, foot controller, and embroidery design software CDs.
  • Inside, there is a dedicated compartment for the 8-cup holder to prevent it from getting lost while transporting.
  • Moreover, it has two frames, cap frames, a mounting base with a sock gauge, round gauge, magnet frames, a starter kit, and a frame holder, etc.

However, please note that the package does not include a back strap for holding the LCD monitor. 

Here is a review of the best machine embroidery accessories you can use to make your stitching more convenient.


The machine offers several attributes that make it a popular choice among embroiderers. Here are some of its advantages:

User-Friendly Interface:

The machine features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, straightforward controls, and a clear display that allows for efficient navigation and quick access to various functions.

Thread Capacity:

The Sai has a generous thread capacity, allowing you to work on larger projects without frequent thread changes.

8 Needle Design:

The 8 needles are specifically designed to minimize fabric damage, making them ideal for working on delicate or sensitive materials.

Editing Access:

The Sai offers on-screen editing capabilities that let users make adjustments and modifications of patterns directly on the machine’s display.

This eliminates the need for external software and streamlines the editing process and saves time.

See the blog for a list of the top machine embroidery editing software that won’t lose any details.

Embroidery Area:

The large area of this 8-needle commercial machine helps you to work on larger designs and projects. This is particularly beneficial when embroidering on garments or items that require larger embroidery coverage.

Quiet Operation:

The machine operates with low noise levels, ensuring a quieter working environment. This can be advantageous, especially in home or small business settings, where noise reduction is desirable.


While the Juki Tajima Sai 8-needle embroidery machine offers many advantages, there are a few potential cons to consider:

  • The Juki Tajima Sai may have a relatively low stitching speed and it might take longer to complete large or complex embroidery projects compared to faster machines.
  • The threading mechanism is complex and requires more manual adjustments, which can be time-consuming and frustrating for some users.
  • The cost of the Juki Tajima Sai and additional accessories or software can be a significant investment.

You may go through this article to discover the issues with Tajima embroidery machines and how to fix them for faultless performance.


The Juki Tajima Sai is a compelling option for those searching for great skill and productivity in their embroidered tasks. This device equips users to realize their creative dreams with accuracy and convenience thanks to its cutting-edge tools and remarkable functions.

When you purchase a Juki Tajima Sai 8-needle embroidery machine, your embellished creations reach new heights of aesthetic beauty and technical proficiency.

While some familiarity with methods as well as software can be helpful, the Juki Tajima Sai embroidery machine is designed to be user-friendly and accessible. The machine’s interface and software provide intuitive controls and instructions, making it easier for beginners to learn and operate.

It provides a large stitched area of a certain size. This enables the creation of elaborate patterns as well as the fusion of several simple ones.

It is indeed made to operate with a range of textiles like cotton, linen, silk, denim, and more.

Yes, you may use a variety of stitching designs and motifs with the Juki Tajima Sai embroidery machine since it is compatible with several design formats, including DST, DSB, and others.

You may make intricate and vibrant embroidered patterns using this machine on a variety of materials such as clothing, accessories, and home textiles.

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