Top 5 Types of Baseball Hats

When you hear of Baseball hats, the one thing that comes to mind is the must-have accessory for a player. Baseball hats, now are not just limited to baseball players they have become an ionic trend for all the models and men looking for stylish headgear.

From tradition to trend, these hats gained more popularity due to their great fit and versatility in color and design. Moreover, adding these hats to your store helps out in both fame and profit.

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In our blog, we figure out what makes these hats an all-around accessory for both men and women. And trying to solve the queries related to the most popular baseball hats that you are logging for that fit your personality.

Our Top Pick:

    • Snapback hat
  • Classic baseball hat
  • Trucker hat
  • Dad hat
  • Flexible fit hat

We will discuss the categories of hats according to:

  • Structure
  • Profile
  • Closure
  • Panel

Let’s get rolling!

Top 5 Baseball hats:

There are tremendous options available for these hats(which is why they are famous), but if you want the best collection for your attire, let’s check the best.

01- Snapback Hat

Snapback Hat


It is the most popular option from the category of baseball hats you see around. Snapback hat is present in 5,6,7 or 8 panels with a plastic closure. It is very classy and has buttons to help the snap to fit over any head size. With a structured front panel and wider brim, this hat becomes the fashion piece for those who want to wear it while keeping their hairstyle untouched.

When to use:

You can carry the hat with a casual T-shirt or jeans and fancy outfits. It comes with a high-profile stick straight to your head. Whether you enjoy spending time with friends or are an avid sports fan, the snapback is a comfy solution.

02- Classic Baseball Cap

Classic Baseball Cap


It is like a vintage or classic ball cap designed for baseball players. A baseball cap is also an iconic streetwear piece that great artists have had for decades. It has a rounded crown that often resembles a dad hat. The only difference is their structured panels are stiffer than dad hats. The Crown is crafted with cotton or blended material that makes it elastic. Its bill is to protect your skin from the sun rays and the brass buckle is for size adjustment.

When to use:

These kinds of caps are offered for sale throughout the world for baseball enthusiasts. You can put this cap as protective gear or a baseball fan.

03- Trucker Hat

Trucker Hat


This hat style is for truck drivers in the 19’s but will expand its utility to fashion and a protective tool today. The trucker hat features a 6-panel design with a mesh covering for breathability or a snapback buckle at the back, making it a popular choice. Featuring rounded and curved brims, you can wear the hat in any style. You can embroider your brand logo, a favorite pattern, a character, or a phrase on the crown with premium quality fabrics that last a long time.

When to use:

Is it just for truck drivers? Of Course not. You can have this hat during workouts, hiking, concerts, and wildlife documentaries. Available for both men and women all around.

04- Dad Hat

Dad Hat


It is an unstructured 6-panel hat with a curved brim that looks cool with any casual outfit. This type of hat is well-liked for having a comfortable look, making it ideal for dad style. It features both velcro and snapback closure and endless design possibilities to try. Such hats have soft fabric like cotton and are suitable for those who want a looser fit that is functional and comfortable.

When to use:

Initially, all the gentleman men wore it as they were out for morning walks. But, it has evolved its style and become the best match for anyone who wants a comfy hat with their logo or a favorite creature on a solid base color. And if you are planning for camping and outdoor games, this is the bed pick you are looking for.

05- Fitted Hat

Fitted Hat

This hat originated in the 19th century during the rich culture of baseball and hip-hop. At that time, baseball leagues and hip-hop artists used it as a fashion piece for their luxurious lifestyles.


Well-known for its fabric-fitted button or eyelet covered with a thick fabric. This hat is without any closer adjustment. You can adjust its size according to head size. The popularity of fitted hats is linked to their crisp and polished look.

When to use:

If you are a sports lover or want to express your distinct personality like a star, you must own it. Wearing this hat reflects your unique taste in fashion and allows you to customize it to sell for business growth as Adidas does.

Review the best printing types that you can use for customization.

Categories of baseball hats:

Let me explain the concept of cap and hat first. A cap is ideal for protective headgear, but a hat is functional and elegant based on the application. When searching for a best-fit hat, a baseball hat is highly recommended. These are available in multiple shapes and have all the qualities of headgear and fashion pieces. Let’s break down the different categories of hats.



Structured hat: The crown part is made of hard fabric (buckram) in the middle of two front panels to give a structured look to the hat. Due to buckram, such hats keep their shape erect even when it is not on the wearer’s head. The most prominent examples are snapbacks and classic ball caps.

Unstructured hat: It is a type of hat without any support at the end of the front panel to hold its shape. People like to wear it because it is easy to take off and gives a soft feel like dad hats.

2) Crown/profile


High-profile: Wider crown length, typically in structured hats.

Mid-profile: Raised crown length from the head. It is also a feature of structured hats.

Low-profile: Closer fitting to the head and flat brim like most baseball caps

3) Types of Panel

Five-panel: Its crown has five sections. You can embroider any pattern and style this hat to your casual look. Also best for screen printing.

Six-panel: With the division of the central seam, this hat featured a six-fabric piece stitched in a triangle shape. It is one like a trucker hat with a broad brim for shielding from heat waves.

Seven-panel: This hat has the features of both 5 and 6 but with an extra large panel. It allows for personalization as a logo or graphics to make them functional.

Here is the detail about how you can customize your hat with puff embroidery.

4) Types of Closure

Types of Closure

Metabuckle: You must push and pull down the buckle for easy fitting. Some hats have replaced the buckle with a leather strip to make it aesthetically unique. (e.g, vintage dad hats)

Snapback: Famous for plastic snap buttons that help for a great fit. This closure style is a prominent feature of snapback hats for hip-hop artists and sports lovers.

Close back: Available only in one size, so buy it carefully after trying out the head fit. You can see this closure style in trucker hats.

Velcro: Some hats have replaced buckles with a loop and hook faster pressed together to close or open the straps. But demand more care to make the sticky straps dust-free. Examples include a dad hat with velcro backing with a more casual look.


From the list of baseball hats, we have narrowed down the 5 most prominent hat styles that are still in. From their features to style, these hats have become very popular among people of all ages. Just remember to keep in mind your intended look and customization options. Then, select which hat style reflects the most you want. Look for authorized retailers and brands, and check their color variety and high-quality material for crafting practical and stylish baseball hats.

Snapback is a multi-panel structured hat with a wider brim. It has a plastic buckle at the back to close straps for fitting. Dad hats come with irregular shapes and soft fabric panels. Some dad hats include snap and velcro back for easy dressing.

Its versatility and utility for all ages and styles make it more famous. Its meshy back panel with snap closure provides extra ventilation or a wider crown allows for personalization. It is only the hat that is used by workers, farmers, and truck drivers for protection.

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