What Is The Softest T-Shirt Material? Complete Explanation

Softness also matters in the apparel industry, where we choose customized stylish t-shirts. Softness is the feature of the particular fabric for gives a velvety feel against the skin when touched and is easy to carry for both indoor and outdoor events. If you are worried about how to know which fabric is soft without touching it in case of online shopping, this article is going to be handy for you. When you know particular fabrics, it would be easy to go with the softer stuff with all your preferred features, regardless of shopping mode. Let’s get deep in detail about the softer cloth material options for your t-shirts present around the market for a wise decision.

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Which is the best T-shirt material:

Following are a few options of quality stuff for making tees in terms of style, sloppy, and strength.

Pure Cotton

It is made up of natural plant fiber, hence organic. It comes to use in a very natural process without using any chemicals. First, it is spun out into yarn and then converted into a cloth which we use to make t-shirts. Cotton t-shirts are very popular and fit-to-style due to their comfort (cellulose fiber) and durability properties.



Abbreviated as chief value cotton, it has been in the market as the best t-shirt material due to its blended quality of cotton and polyester. But has cotton fiber in greater quantity making it more popular than other blended clothes.

Combed Cotton

Combed Cotton

As cotton has cellulose content, the fibers then separate and pass through the refining process to make a cloth as combed cotton. Well-known for its softer feel, so higher is the cost which makes it less affordable for making t-shirts in bulk.



The trio (cotton, polyester, rayon) is the go-to fabric for making quality and softer t-shirts than any other options available. The ratio of each fiber varies according to the wearer’s needs and manufacturers’ demands. But as a whole, it is a great fit for casual to stylish enthusiasts.

Ring-spun cotton

Ring-spun cotton

It has long strands of cellulose that, after gradual spinning, turned into a wearable clo—also known as luxurious cloth due to its strength and lighter nature. It won’t shrink greatly among all the cotton types. Gildan, one of the best t-shirt manufacturing brands, greatly used ring-spun cotton for tees and tops that sell the most.

Which one is the softer t-shirt material?

Remember, not every T-shirt you see in the store is a comfortable one. We sometimes choose customized branded tees and pride our selection, but overlook the comfort factor. Also, don’t compare the Softness with a lighter feel. For example, a blanket, although it feels heavy, provides us comfort due to softer fiber content in composition. After extensive research, 

We have added the best materials in our top choices that are worth making t-shirts softer.

1. Tri-blend as the softest material

Tri-blend as the softest material

A high-grade softer material for t-shirts even with the customization factor. This blend of cotton, rayon, and polyester adds up to make the tee feel even on the skin. Rayon is the ultimate factor for a silky smooth texture that increases the worth of tri-blend as the best t-shirt-making fabric. It’s a complete solution of drape, resilience, and ease which we demand from our t-shirts.


  • Well-liked for its fluffy and lighter trait makes it the best option to tailor for any fashion look.
  • The added cotton content permits airflow to fit it for casual use.
  • The polyester ratio makes it a flexible fit for outdoor activities.
  • Its silky smooth texture is a breeze due to the rayon to take any style in reality.
  • Compatible with screen printing and heat transfer printing


  • It might feel rough to the skin for some users after prolonged wear.

Read this blog for more details about tri-blend t-shirts with benefits and limitations.

Where to buy tri-blend t-shirts?

Bella+canvas was the first to launch its 40 tri-blend tees in the market. Since then, most prominent sellers have added tri-blend tees in their clothing such as American Apparel, Next Level, Gildan, etc. Have a look at the top-selling tri-blend t-shirts that are enriched in softness:

  • Bella+Canvas (3413C)
  • American Apparel Unisex(TR401W)
  • Gildan (6750)
  • Next level(6010)

2. Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

It is the number one choice for every seller and client in making and providing softer t-shirts worldwide. You never get disappointed after adding cotton tees to your closet and retail. The reason is its light smooth look and suitability with printing demands. Among its other types, Pima, spuima, and combed cotton, Egyptian cotton has an enriched softness and stylish feel but is expensive.


  • It extracts from the plant naturally, without involving artificial chemicals in the process. Loved by those who appreciate it sustainably.
  • Has better color-holding features, and is a great choice for screen printing inks.
  • It facilitates greater airflow due to the structural pattern of cellulose strands.
  • Hold better shape and perfect fit for all genders and t-shirt styles.
  • Suitable for all skin types natural fibre won’t cause any reaction.


  • The shrinkage rate is higher in cotton t-shirts than in CVC and tri-blend.

Where to buy?

Cotton ranks as the most preferred t-shirt material among others. It is the must-have fabric available at both local to high-grade stores. Prominent options are:

  • Bella+canvas soft cotton(3001C)
  • American Apparel(2001W)
  • Next level Crew Neck(3600)

You can also review the premium collection of t-shirts of famous brands in this article.

3. CVC Shirts

CVC Shirts

Chief value cotton is the second softest material than poly blends. Has more cotton ratio mixed with regular cotton content in a silky smooth feel. You can relate it with a 52/48 or 98/2 ratio to check cotton as the dominant content. It is a kind of heathered fabric is best to make gym wear but later became the most wanted fabric for producing sloppy t-shirts.


  • It has a great comfort factor which makes it a leading choice for manufacturing t-shirts that cater to all uses.
  • CVC shirts are less prone to pillows and wrinkles than conventional cotton due to their polyester composition.
  • These tees have less shrinkage and stain-resistant qualities.
  • Comes in blizzard to solid colors. Its grey shade gives the best base color to try for a personalized look while being on a budget.
  • This material is the best fit to make moisture-resistant outdoor tees.

Where to buy?

Make sure to read the description label when buying CVC t-shirts because they are not as famous as tri-blend or cotton tees. Heathered tees have CVC in manufacturing that are available in neon color or pastel color as 60/40 cotton-poly blend or 90/10. Here are some brands that have the best CVC-featured tees with different properties:

  • Belle+Canvas (3301C)
  • Next level (N6210) cotton blend
  • Threadfast Apparel Unisex(100A)


From all the given fabric choices, cotton is the most common pick for every day to event-fit t-shirts and gives a classy smooth vibe to the wearer. Tri-blend, the top-notch softness rich fabric with a light feel but prone to reaction. In the end, CVC also stands out great for athletic to casual t-shirts in terms of a smooth and flexible feel. When buying the best t-shirts, make sure to prioritize comfort in combination with quality and fashion. Always narrow down the printed area and use water-based inks with small patterns to avoid making t-shirts heavy to wear.

When you wash cotton shirts, as they have good color-retaining properties, they appear fresher after every wash. But for CVC and tri-blend, make sure to be gentle and avoid using excessive washing. They are prone to pilling and fraying because of polyester.

CVC is a kind of heathered fabric, that suits best to make gym wear but later becomes the most wanted fabric for producing sloppy t-shirts. It also stands out great for athletic to casual t-shirts in terms of a smooth and flexible feel.

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