Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X Machine: Pros & Cons

Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X Multi Needle Embroidery Machine is the most advanced and beneficial embroidery machine that fulfills all the features of an excellent embroidery machine. Having 10 needles makes it easy to embroider multiple color designs without thread overlapping.

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Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X Overview

Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X Overview

The Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X is probably the most advanced embroidery machine ever to hit the market. It packs the latest embroidery technology into a highly durable and compact body, letting you go beyond what traditional embroidery machines can offer.

The large embroidery area and large size LCD cater to all needs of the embroiderer. Wireless connectivity solves almost all problems related to embroidery designs. LAN connectivity and software PE-DESIGN 11 can support connection with up to 10 embroidery machines.

The Brother Entrepreneur PR1055X is a creative powerhouse that’s also an incredible workhorse. Time is money – so we made it easy to get to business with features like 10-needle speed, auto threading, and color sorting. There’s no downtime with an advanced notification system, so you can be extremely productive. It’s also portable, so you can take your business wherever the opportunity arises.

Features Of Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X

So let us examine it in detail because you might just find your embroidery partner for life!

10-Needle Powerful Operation

10-Needle Powerful OperationThere are few embroidery machines out there that can match the kind of power, speed, or creativity that the Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X brings to the table with its 10-needle operation. The Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X features 10 high-speed, powerful needles to help you tackle large sewing projects faster than you ever thought possible. No wonder it offers speeds of up to 1,000 stitches per minute!

But speed and power aren’t the only things you get here. The 10-needle operation helps you take your creativity to the next level – and combined with all the other advanced features offered by the machine – it expands your sewing possibilities even further which traditional embroidery machines can offer.

Amazingly Versatile

Amazingly Versatile

The Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X will be a great option for both super creative sewers with their big and ambitious home projects, as well as small businesses that want the best of both worlds in terms of productivity and efficiency.

The large 14″x8″ work area enables it to work on larger projects, including demanding quilt projects. On the other hand, the 10 needles make it incredibly easy to create multi-color designs, something that can otherwise be very difficult with other embroidery machines on the market.

Built-in Camera

One of the most obvious advantages of a built-in camera is that it helps with design placement. No more mistakes while aligning design parts, no more difficulties in embroidering borders, etc. In addition, the camera will show you (on the tablet’s display) the entire sawing process. You don’t have to guess where the needles are anymore, you’ll see them on the display.

Also, does the camera provide a virtual design preview? How does it work? Well, the camera shows the background, to be stitched in the future, on the display. The program (My Design Center) can apply a virtual design image to a streamed icon so you can get an idea of what the finished result will look like. If some adjustments need to be made (change the angle of the design, mirror it, etc.) you can do it on the spot and immediately see the results in action!


‘This idea is not new. Bhai has already introduced scanning technology in Inov-is XV embroidery machines. However, the Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X boasts a much more advanced scanning feature. The scanning area available on the Scanimation scanning frame is larger and the scanning speed is 5 times faster than previous models.

How do you scan? Well, it’s interestingly simple! What you do is place a drawing, a sketch, or a piece of writing on the frame and it will convert the image into an embroidery file, which you can then either edit (using the various editing options in the program (My Design Center) or view it as is. No computer is required.

LCD Display

LCD Display

Such a large-size display helps a lot in monitoring the sewing and design editing process. Moreover, it opens up a wide range of possibilities for the creation of embroidery art. You can draw directly on the display (with the help of a stylus) and then turn your art into an embroidery file, and if you’re not really into drawing, there are over 500 built-in designs (photos, monograms, frames, and fonts) to enjoy right there. Oh, and if you have any trouble operating the machine or navigating the software, there are tons of tutorial videos pre-installed on the tablet by the ever-foreseeing brother!

Wireless Connectivity

‘Though highly convenient, USB flash cards and SD memory cards are not the only options for transferring designs into Pro X PR1050X. That’s because Brother added wireless connection to the long list of already impressive features.

What you will need for going wireless? For wireless connectivity, we need BES 4 Dream Edition Software and a BES Upgrade kit. The software is used to create, edit and transfer designs onto BES cloud storage. The BES Upgrade Kit, attached to one of the ports of the embroidery machine, provides an internet connection. The designs, which you have uploaded onto the cloud, then can be downloaded into the machine any time you want. Is it convenient? Well, it sure is! What with the mobility it grants and sheer possibilities of business development – wireless connections are surely a huge bonus!

Pros And Cons Of Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X


  • The Pro X PR1055X is the ultimate sophistication in the world of machine embroidery.
  • It has power. It has versatility. It has a creative edge to please both experienced sewers and small business owners.
  • As far as business owners are concerned, it offers some nice features like wireless connectivity, a mobile app to make things more convenient for them, and color sorting functionality that takes a lot of the challenge out of the process for business owners, and advanced zoom functionality. Which allows them to stay on top of their designs and avoid any wastage or failed projects.
  • Likewise, a huge number of built-in designs, size customization functionality for embroidery lettering fonts, the ability to directly draw patterns or embroidery art, a notification system that makes it very easy to track changes needed during the process, A super-fast sewing speed, and more make the Pro X PR1055X a great overall choice for experienced knitters as well as those who do embroidery work.


  • To be honest, it’s too early to comment on the cons while it hasn’t been released yet, but one obvious thing that might put off a few potential customers is the seemingly hefty price tag.
  • But again, we wouldn’t expect such a sophisticated, modern, and powerful embroidery machine to be available at anything this affordable.
  • It can definitely have a bit of a learning curve though. However, with these many features and the kind of sophistication we’ve come to expect from it, it can’t be without a learning curve.
  • But we’re sure that with a ton of YouTube videos on it — and YouTube tutorials the machine itself will come with — it’ll take some time before we can use it to its full potential.

Customer Reviews

  1. This 10-needle machine has brains and beauty! It has much ease of use features including a camera and snowman for perfect placement every time. It also has an onboard drawing/scanning program that allows you to create custom designs by just drawing on the screen or scanning the artwork. Scanning in personal handwriting and stitching it on an item is so much fun. 10 needles make the task go quickly! This machine is perfect for the creative side or for the working side – where you need to get a job done perfectly. It comes with an assortment of accessories; there are many additional accessories available so most difficult tasks can be easily completed! Think of custom embroidery on a boot, backpack, jacket and so much more. I am receiving compensation for leaving my honest review. (Coleen)
  2. I bought the 1055X because I was tired of constantly changing threads on my Innovis 1600e (which was a great machine) and in my haste the last time I used it I put my finger under the needle before it had finished. The very next day I traded it in and had intended to get the 6-needle machine but an hour earlier someone else bought it. What was I to do? The store still had a brand-new, still-in-the-box PR1055X. I bought it and felt guilty for spending SO MUCH, and then I started watching YouTube videos. And got really excited (you see, while the machine sat snugly in its box at my house, I had gone on a week-long business trip.). Then I opened the box — no small feat. After setting it up and taking several deep breaths, I threaded the beast and embroidered a letter on a scrap of fabric. (Napria)
  3. Although I am being compensated for this review, my opinions are my own and my review is honest and unbiased. My 1055X (which I have named Emma) is a wonderful addition to my Sewing Studio. She makes embellishing premade blanks a quick and easy breeze. I am able to get into smaller spaces without taking anything apart. I love that I have the ability to zoom in on the item I plan on embroidering to make sure that my placement is correct with the Live camera function. I can actually see my embroidery design on the garment and tell if it is in the location that I want. That along with the scan function to see what is in your hoop makes this machine one of my favorites. Having 10 needles keeps me from having to babysit the machine to change the colors. I can set Emma up and let her go to town. One feature I hope to see in the future. I would like her to be able to use the My Connection feature so that she and my ScanNCut could communicate in My Design Center. (Cindy)


My Design Center comes pre-installed on the Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X, allowing you to create custom works of art using versatile, easy-to-use editing tools. Use the Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X large touchscreen to draw directly in My Design Center, or create them in embroidery by entering your own file format. The 10 most beneficial aspects of needling are to reduce the amount of time and, in fact, the effort.

You can spend a little or a lot of money on an embroidery machine. The least expensive embroidery machines start at hundreds of dollars. But, commercial-grade multi-needle embroidery machines can cost $10,000 or more. If you’re just starting out, your first embroidery machine doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

You can spend a little or a lot of money on an embroidery machine. The least expensive embroidery machines start at hundreds of dollars. But, commercial-grade multi-needle embroidery machines can cost $10,000 or more. If you’re just starting out, your first embroidery machine doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

By owning an embroidery machine, you can create, embellish, personalize and decorate any type of fabric at any time of the day. From denim jackets, knitted and felted bags, sheer overlays, stretch knits, and leather to velvet, or quilting your quilt, the possibilities are endless.


Brother Industries Limited (the company that manufactures Brother Sewing Machines) has a history of over 100 years. In 1908, Kanekichi Yasui founded the Yasui Sewing Machine Company, operating out of his home in Nagoya, Japan.

If you have any questions leave the comments or you can visit our social channels for more updates regularly. We provide embroidery digitizing services if you need digitizing services feel free to contact us or email us.

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