How to Machine Embroider On Jeans – Complete Tutorial

Are you looking for an elevated way to customize your jeans? Whether you want to add an intricate monogram or just a bit of bling, machine embroidery is the way to go.

So rather than buying pre-embroidered jeans, why don’t you try your hand at machine embroidery?

One can create a creative edge to your look and open up some fun new possibilities by the way to machine embroidering on jeans for fashion-forward individuals.

In this article, I’m going to dive deep into all of the particulars of machine embroidery on jeans from the basics of stitching (and why it’s different from other fabrics) to choosing the right tools and designs.

Ready? Let’s jump right into it!

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Introduction To Machine Embroider on Jeans

It’s a great process to machine embroider on jeans to add personality to a plain pair of trousers. Whether you’re looking to make a statement or start a conversation, adding some intricate embroidery can do just that.

Embroidery is the process of stitching designs onto fabric. It’s traditionally done by hand but with a machine, you can quickly embroider your jeans with large, intricate designs.

Introduction To Machine Embroider on Jeans

The trend of machine embroidery on jeans had become increasingly popular over the past few years since they look great and can last for years when properly cared for.

But, it can be a bit of a challenge. The thickness and stiffness of denim can make it tough to maneuver the fabric into the machine while still maintaining the desired design look.

Whether you’re just starting with machine embroidery or you’re an experienced pro, this guide will provide everything you need to know to machine embroider on jeans for creating stylish designs on your favorite pair of jeans!

What Materials You’ll Need

The process to machine embroider on jeans is a little more complex than regular machine embroidery.

What Materials You’ll Need

You’ll need a few things to machine embroider on jeans:

  • Embroidery Machine- You will need an embroidery machine that is capable of handling the heavier weight of jeans fabric.
  • Embroidery Thread- I recommend using Madeira Classic Cotton or polyester thread in a color that matches your design.
  • Also, be sure to use an appropriate thread size to machine embroider on jeans (e.g., 30wt for topstitching).
  • Stabilizer- Use tear-away stabilizers between the fabric and the backing material.
  • Needle- To machine embroider on jeans, a needle size between 90/14 and 100/16 is generally recommended.
  • Use clips instead of pins to hold the fabric in place while sewing if possible – this will prevent any holes from being left in the material after completion.

Read on for a list of the best online stores to find low-cost embroidery fabrics for your embroidered creations.

Which Jeans Are Ideal For Embroidery?

Jeans are a wardrobe staple and can easily be dressed up with embroidery for a unique, personalized look. When choosing jeans for machine embroidery, it is important to consider the fabric weight, thickness, and texture.

Which Jeans Are Ideal For Embroidery

Here are some tips to help you select the best jeans for machine embroidery:

  • Choose a denim fabric that is medium to heavy-weight. Lighter-weight denim may not hold up well to embroidery, while heavier denim may be too thick for the embroidery needle to penetrate.
  • Look for jeans with a smooth, even surface. Avoid jeans with textured finishes or embellishments, as they may interfere with the embroidery design.
  • For a comfortable fit, choose a pair of straight-leg or classic-fit jeans that offer plenty of room for movement as you sew.
  • It’s best to pre-wash the jeans so that the fabric doesn’t shrink during the embroidery process – nothing ruins an outfit faster than ill-fitting clothes!

Where To Find The Best Embroidery Designs For Jeans?

Here are our top tips on where to find the best design to machine embroider on jeans:

Online Marketplace

Online marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon offer hundreds of design options for machine embroidery. You’ll find designs with different sizes and colors to choose from.

Here is a list of the top embroidery digitizing service providers based on budget and project criteria.

You can even go to Emdigitizer to acquire the top quality digitized design to machine embroider on jeans, ranging from simple to elaborate, in addition to custom designs for use on multiple materials.

Embroidery Digitizing Websites

There’s no need to purchase every design as there are plenty of free digitized embroidery sites where you can find designs that have been professionally digitized and optimized to machine embroider on jeans.

Here is the No.1 Embroidery Digitizing Website which is EMdigitizer.

Embroidery Digitizing Websites

Online Vector Image Files

Vector files are designs that have been created in vector graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW and then converted into a format that can be used for machine embroidery.

You’ll often find these available for purchase online, with files compatible with a wide range of machines like Brother, Janome, and Singer.

Just make sure to do your research before going to use them to machine embroider on jeans since not all vector files work with every type of machine embroidery design software.

Here’s a list of the top embroidery file formats and how they work with your embroidery machines.

Step By Step Tutorial

I’ll take you through every step of machine embroidery jeans for creating amazing embroidered jeans. Let’s get this project started.

Step 01- Place The Embroidery Design On Jean

It is an important step in machine embroidery on jeans. To do this, you will need to mark the chosen design onto the jeans before you begin embroidering.

Place The Embroidery Design On Jean

Consider how large or small the embroidery should be concerning the jeans themselves – a small pocket or tiny pocket embellishment may not show off your hard work as effectively as a larger design would.

Visit the blog to learn how to carefully examine the placement of embroidery design on a selected item.

This can be done with a washable fabric marker or by outlining so it’s important to be sure that the pattern is centered and symmetrical before beginning to machine embroider on jeans.

Place The Embroidery Design On Jean

Step 02- Prepare The Jean Fabric For Embroidery

Place your jeans under the machine’s needle (making sure it’s correctly aligned with the pattern) and secure them in place with basting tape or a stabilizer.

Prepare The Jean Fabric For Embroidery

Step 03- Adjust the Design Setting

Now thread your embroidery machine and select the appropriate design setting to machine embroider on jeans (e.g, kind of stitch like satin stitch, running stitch, etc.)

Most people opt for a zigzag stitch when doing a machine embroidery project on jeans. Still, you can also use a satin stitch or other decorative stitches depending on your preference.

Step 04- Select The Thread color

Select a matching thread color to machine embroider on jeans that complement it and apply it around the pattern tracing on the jeans using either a bobbin or hoop thread.

Select The Thread color

You are suggested to carefully loosen any tension necessary for free motion movement of the jean fabric when needed.

Step 05- Start Embroidering

Now go to machine embroider on jeans until you’ve finished stitching around your traced pattern. Once completed, remove any basting tape or stabilizer.

Start Embroidering

Repeat the method if you wish to machine embroider the jeans’ pocket.

A Finishing Touch

Once your design is complete, there are a few more things to look out for before the embroidery process is finished.

  • Firstly, check around the outside border of your design to make sure everything lines up nicely and that you haven’t missed any areas – it’s easy for small parts of a design to get forgotten about.

A Finishing Touch

  • When you’re satisfied with your design and have checked it thoroughly, you can begin securing the embroidery thread in place.
  • To do this, take a matching thread or embroidery floss and sew around the outer edge of the design in an outward motion.
  • This ensures that stray threads and tiny knots remain hidden, giving you a neat and professional finish.
  • Finally, if you have any loose threads remaining after securing the outside edges in place, simply trim them away with a pair of small scissors – be careful not to cut through any of the fabric!

A Finishing Touch

By following these steps and paying close attention, you can be sure that you’ll have beautiful finished results that will last through countless wears of your favorite jeans!

Here is a list of the best embroidery scissors and the function they performed in the finishing process.


Whether you decide to go with a scripted phrase, floral design, or anything else, machine embroidery on jeans is a satisfying skill to have and can open the door to more intricate projects in the future. So don’t hesitate – to try it out today and see what masterpieces you can create!

No, sewing machines are not suitable for this purpose. Because embroidery machines have specific features such as built-in designs, support for multiple colors of thread and other advanced features to be used to machine embroider on jeans to make them customized and stylish.

I recommend using Madeira Classic Cotton or polyester thread in a color that matches your design.

Also, be sure to use an appropriate thread size to machine embroider on jeans (e.g, 30wt for topstitching).

  • Use a slightly lower stitch speed than you normally would and make sure the tension is dialed in correctly.
  • select the appropriate design setting for your project (e.g, kind of stitch like satin stitch, running stitch, etc.)
  • The tension should be slightly tighter than normal to avoid puckering or other irregularities in your stitches.

Make sure your machine is threaded correctly and your bobbin is wound properly this will help keep any skips from occurring during embroidery.

Make sure that the needle is inserted correctly and isn’t bent or dull and replacing the needle regularly can help prolong its life and quality of stitches.

If you have any questions leave the comments or you can visit our social channels for more updates regularly. We provide embroidery digitizing services if you need digitizing services feel free to contact us or email us.

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