How Much Does It Costs to Digitize a Logo?

Whether you are looking for a way that helps you decide how much it costs for your digitized logo design or where to get embroidery digitizing services, this article has covered all your queries. But first, let us take a quick look at the stages involved in digitizing logos. This helps to explain how much you might get for your services.

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Which steps are involved in digitizing a logo?

If you are competent at digitizing, it’s amazing because there is nothing better than creating your logo. If you are a beginner, fear not! I am sharing the general steps to be followed with any good digitizing software while digitizing logos for embroidery. This is a 5 step process.

  1. First, create a digital file of the logo. This can be done by scanning a hard copy of the logo or by creating a vector file using graphic design software.
  2. Import the file into specialized embroidery digitizing software to produce a stitch file.
  3. Adjust the design, such as changing the thread colors, adding underlay, adjusting the density, and more, to make sure that the final embroidery will look as good as possible.
  4. Test the design on a sample fabric to ensure that the design will stitch correctly.
  5. At last, save the design file in a format clear to the embroidery machine, such as DST, PES, XXX, JEF, and more.

Which steps are involved in digitizing a logo

How can we determine the Cost to digitize a logo?

If you are searching for a profitable way to price your digitized logo, have a look at the following factors that help determine how much a logo should cost.

Cost per stitches:

Most digitizers follow this pricing strategy as it is quite simple for the clients to understand that they have been charged for the number of stitches used in their logo. If you charge for a digitized logo in this way, you might have a hard time dealing with a complex logo because two logos with the same no. of stitches might not be created in the same way.

Flat rate pricing:

Some digitizers charge based on the size of the logo design. The flat rate ranges from $10 to $25 for the left chest and hat logo. It also makes sense for clients to get paid for which type of digitized logo they want. The downside of this pricing strategy leads you toward loss when you are getting complex orders but the design size is small. Being a client of a UK, you are supposed to pay 10 to 20 pounds for a 10 cm sized logo and if the logo is more complex than that, you are expected to charge 75 pounds.

Pricing per hour:

A common way to charge for a digitized logo is based on the hour digitizers take to create it. If the clients want a fast turnaround time, they will pay a little more with the flat rate. You may easily complete the logo in a typical time frame of 12-16 hours. And in a fast turnaround, you don’t need to worry about under-charging complex logos.

However, sometimes you cannot anticipate the exact time required to digitize the client’s logo, therefore you need to be cautious while planning a free quote for pricing estimation. If you charge consumers by the hour, you ought to improve your digitizing speed and efficiency.

In summary, you are not bound to any rule while planning to charge for embroidery digitizing, you can upgrade your package while improving your digitizing level.

EMdigitizer Cost range for a digitized logo:

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Cost range for a digitized logo

Cost range:

Emdigitizer is a trusted company working for more than 10 years in the embroidery digitizing field. Our average cost falls between $10 to 20 dollars for simple to detailed logos and goes to $30 for more complex (a logo with less than 30k stitches) and urgent orders.

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With every order, we will provide a free swatch for your approval. This will ensure you are satisfied with your logo looks before being embroidered on your garment. Our customer satisfaction record is 100%.


This is how you can get an idea of how much and in what way you should cost your clients for any mediocre to complex digitized logos. Other factors to assume when deciding on cost include output format type, no.of design copies, and service provider (free hand freelancer or company-based digitizing services). When considering pricing your services, verify to rate according to the value provided to your clients.

A common way to price your embroidery is to use the stitch count in the design to be embroidered. Charging a price for every 1,000 stitches can give you a scalable starting point. But keep in mind the design details too.

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The price for the left chest logo ranges from 10$ to 20$. This cost may vary with the turnaround time and generally has three categories: normal, Medium, and fast.

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