10 Affordable Supplies Needed to Make Amazing Embroidery Patches

In this post, I am gonna share the principal elements of those supplies one must have to make wonderful embroidery patches with the plan of your choice. With the section of time, technology introduced a parcel of advancement within the supplies being utilized with an embroidery machine to create the embroidery patches and remaining in touch with this development makes you proficient within the field of embroidery. As we are talking about embroidery patches, how would we deny the great quality stabilizers, patch fabric and other backing materials to form these lovely patches? Here you may discover the list of supplies you must consider when getting prepared your embroidery patches flawlessly.

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Overview Of Embroidery Patch

An embroidery patch is about something you embroider either a logo, letter or design on the fabric with embroidery floss and backing. These embroidery patches vary in size and shape based on the area where you want to put them. These patches are of multiple uses and hence created with a variety of colours and designs. Some types of embroidery patches are created entirely by a thread where you will see a higher degree of stitches only. And embroidery patches created by using base fabrics and good-quality stabilizers are more durable.

Overview Of Embroidery Patch

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Whatever the type is, the use of good quality supplies is all you need. So let’s have a look at these 10 essential supplies to make stylish embroidery patches to add to your embroidery cart.

Important Supplies Needed To Make Embroidery Patches

Depending upon the types of embroidery patches what you need is:

  • Fabric for patch
  • Suitable backing to stabilize the patch
  • And most importantly stabilizers which is the most important tool in patch embroidery.

To give a more professional look to your embroidery patches, one must have extensive knowledge about high-quality supplies and their proper use.

1-Use Of Show Mess as Backing Material

The choice of good backing material for making embroidery patches is a matter of stabilization. This kind of backing possesses a unique feature as a grid of heat presses which is enough to support the foundation created for embroidery patches.

How to Use:

  • You just need to adhere this show-mess backing to your fabric through an iron.
  • After that, make use of an adhesive spray on the back side and this will keep intact the stabilizer that you are using at the end of projects.
  • All these features make Show mess a great option to choose as a backing material that is strong enough to hold the design and soft in touch to make amazing embroidery patches more effectively.

2- Tacky Patch Fusible Backing

Another best option to consider for more fusible backing is here. This backing product tends to improve your embroidery patches at its high. If we talk about its function of providing integrity to the embroidery patches, there is no such difference in show mess and tacky fusible backing. Plus point of this fusible backing is that there is no need for any adhesive spray to fuse the stabilizer and reduce the fraying headache.

How to use:

  • The first step is to use this stabilizer, heat press the tacky fusible patch on your favourite fabric and trim out excess.
  • In the second step, peel the paper backing.
  • Adhere to the patch on the stabilizer with stitches only. No additional adhesive spray is needed. This will save you time.

3- Use Of Tear Away As A Stabilizer

While choosing a stabilizer, make sure that it could be removed easily at the end without tearing the fabric. As its name suggests, the tear-away stabilizer takes less time to be removed from the fabric.

Use Of Tear Away As A Stabilizer

How to use:

  • In case of using tacky fusible backing, place this backing material on the outline of stitches(e.g run stitch)by using tear away stabilizer in the hoop.
  • When you have your embroidery patches, simply remove the excess stabilizer by gently tearing it with your fingers.
  • You can even use tweezers to remove the remaining part of the stabilizer.

4- Other Stabilizers (Water soluble)

Although the use of the Tear away stabilizer is not a bad option to choose to make embroidery patches, I simply prefer using water soluble over tear away. You will be amazed to see the results with water-soluble stabilizers because it gives a finer look to your embroidery patches.

If you want how to using and removing water soluble stabilizer click here.

How to use:

  • The process of using water-soluble is the same as tearing away. Simply fix the patch with stitches outlined on this stabiliser and then remove excess stabilizers.
  • Another option is that you can simply melt this stabiliser by applying wet fingers on the patch edges. This will help you to save time and get rid of excessive stabilizers quickly without any damage to the design.

5-Film For Making Embroidery Patches

This film is about 100 micrometres which works effectively using material surfaces such as fabrics. The purpose of using this film is to provide a strong base to the embroidery patches such as prep-patch.

Film For Making Embroidery Patches

How to use:

  • First of all, attach the fabric with the backing either tacky or show a mess on the stitches outline that is embroidered on this prep-patch film.
  • Make sure to use a smooth side facing up and a curved facing down.
  • At the end of making embroidery patches, pop out the patch. It’s entirely optional to remove the film or to leave it attached to support the embroidery patches.

6- Patch Fabrics (Poly twill)

One of the important tools to make embroidery patches is fabric that can be of any type. The use of poly twill along with buckram is the best choice to get amazing results. This fabric comes in a great variety of colours. The weave composition of poly twill patch fabric makes it heavier enough to give a stiff look to the embroidered patch. Buckram assist to stabilize the twill so that patch will stay flat and this is the basic difference between using ordinary twill and patch-backed poly twill.

If you want to know How to Make Embroidery Patches, here is a complete tutorial visit it.

7-Embroidery Mylar Sheet

If you wish to beautify your embroidery patches, then the use of Mylar embroidery sheets exhibits a magical effect. It is a kind of reflective sheet that can be directly placed onto the blank canvas patch during the filling process. This magical sheet will add more shine and glamour to your embroidery patches.

Embroidery Mylar Sheet

How to use:

  • In the first step, put the square of this embroidery sheet and tap to hold it in place before stitching.
  • When finished making the embroidery design, gently shear the extra mylar sheet away.

8- Post patch Seal On Iron

Use of this supply will help you to turn the ordinary patch into an iron-on patch that makes your embroidery patches more professional without any trims. Moreover, it adds extra shine to your embroidery patches so they look more trendy. It is more suitable for making high-class colourful embroidery patches. Its heat-generated seal permits it to place the patch on even sturdy garments such as caps. This feature will create a more stiff and more professional look for your embroidery patches to fascinate your clients and relatives.

How to use:

  • At the end of making embroidery patches, apply this post-patch seal on the iron on the wrong side of your patch.
  • When it cools down, blister paper backing that will show you a more shiny seal. Using a seal with all of the end projects helps to retain the smoothness of embroidery patches for a long time even with laundering.

9- Availability Of Ready Made Embroidery Patches

Having your favourite ready-made embroidery patches saves you time when you will get mastered patch embroidery. The use of ready-made embroidery patches incredibly increases the rate of productivity and profit too. You can select patches of any colour and shape that can be easily embroidered on the surface you want.

How to use:

  • Firstly, select the design and then hoop the stabilizer and run the stitches.
  • After that, set down the patch and click on the “start” button.

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10- Adhesive Spray

I have already mentioned the use of the adhesive spray in making embroidery patches. So you guys got an idea that there is always a need for an adhesive spray when you are not using any backing material. This spray assists in fixing the patch with the stabiliser before starting embroidery. These sprays come in different types depending on the need. Consider it as an essential supply to get satisfactory results from embroidery patches.


That’s all I want to share with you about having all the supplies before you get ready to make embroidery patches. Although I have listed the possible functions and uses of these supplies, the great thing is that they do not weigh on your budget. You can get all supplies at very affordable prices from Amazon or any other preferred store. After gathering all the tools, make sure to use them well and using pre-made patches will save you time somehow. By including all these materials in your embroidery box, you can create beautiful and professional embroidery patches to please your friends, family and customers.

Show mesh fabric backing

Tacky fusible patch backing

Tear away stabilizer

Water soluble stabiliser

Prep-patch film

Poly twill patch fabric

Embroidery mylar sheet

Post patch seal on the iron

Ready-made embroidery patch

Adhesive spray


If you wish to beautify your embroidery patches, then the use of Mylar embroidery sheets exhibits a magical effect. It is a kind of reflective sheet that can be directly placed onto the blank canvas patch during the filling process. This magical sheet will add more shine and glamour to your embroidery patches.

The use of ready-made embroidery patches saves you time when you will get mastered patch embroidery. Just Select the design and then hoop the stabilizer and run the stitches. After that, set down the patch and click on the “start” button. This is how you will get quick results with ready-made embroidery patches.

If you have any questions leave the comments or you can visit our social channels for more updates regularly. We provide embroidery digitizing services if you need digitizing services feel free to contact us or email us.

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