Top 15 Easy Animals To Draw

Sketching is an effective way to display your imagination, and it can be more relaxing and more entertaining to start with simple ideas. We’ll look at the best 15 easy animals to draw in this blog post, which is ideal for novices or everyone searching for a fun activity.

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Finding the true essence of things that exist in your art brings you great satisfaction. Animals vary in their forms, textures, and facial expressions. That’s why both novices and experts can draw them with ease.

Starting with simple animals to draw will help you experiment with more imaginative methods that will allow you to create some tricky creatures.

It is a fun approach to discover the natural world and reveal your creative ability to others. You can turn any creature into paper using these abilities, which will increase happiness.

Together, let’s discover tips and ideas for easy animals to draw with a single pencil swipe. Everyone can enjoy it as a stimulating pastime at any time.

Material Required For Animal Drying:

The following supplies are required for easy animal sketching:

Quality Sketchbook: Select a book with a strong, textured cover.

Drawing pencils: Go for 2H to 6B for Thickness.

Erasers: Choose A standard eraser for crisp lines and a shaping eraser for accuracy.

Fine Liner Pens: For adding details and outline.

Blending Stumps or Tortillons: Used for shading purposes.

Reference Images: Used for exact representations of the same creature.

Sufficient Lighting: Simplify the process of accurately drawing animals.

Comfortable Workspace: A neat, well-lit setting promotes artistic thinking.

15 Easy Animals to Draw:

Let’s explore the following easy-to-draw animals with their basics for beginners.

01- Cat:


It’s among the easiest animals to draw. Create an outline of the cat’s body first, emphasizing its skull and body in basic forms like squares and circles.

Remember that cats have an elegant and nimble body while focusing on dimensions. Make sure you accurately depict the cat’s special characteristics by carefully placing the ears, nose, and eyes.

While drawing facial features, highlight the whiskers, and then go on to sketch the body. Add a spine that curves and a tail that slants gently.

Now, use short strokes to refine the fur surface and claws. To create a realistic look, experiment with shading to provide depth and texture.

02- Elephant:


It’s surprisingly simple and enjoyable to create an elephant! It’s accessible to beginners because of their simple shapes. To create the head, start with a larger circle for the body’s shape and add a smaller form on top.

Create the trunk with curved lines, and the flexible ears can resemble enormous leaves. The large, round eyes on your elephant give it existence, and its powerful legs offer it a stable posture.

Remember the tusks—using two short lines. You can quickly add a cute elephant companion to your doodle by following these simple steps!

3- Puppy:


Similar to drawing a furry partner in six easy steps, puppies are easy animals to draw. Make the body’s oval large and the head’s oval narrower to start.

Add 4 legs with rounded paws, a tail, and sharp ears. To create the body shape, join the ovals with curved lines.

Create a warm smile and large, lively eyes to give your pet identity. Lastly, use short, rapid strokes to create some fur elements.

4- Butterfly:


The main characters of the sketching world are butterflies! These creatures will add an enjoyable flare to your paper painting and are quite easy to draw.

Drawing a butterfly is like making living art; it’s easy with their simple forms and graceful wings.

Start with two oval shapes for the wings, add a tiny body in the center, and connect the wings with graceful curves.

Your paintings quickly swing with charm and elegance as you play around with shades to create each butterfly truly yours.

5- Fish:


Sketching fish is similar to strolling through an art gallery! Fish are the ideal beginner’s canvas because of their straightforward shapes and moving fins.

To create a tail, start with a curving body then add a triangle, and you’re done! Your fish starts to breathe.

Try different color combinations to make them stand out, and don’t forget about the fun scales. It’s an easy method to start drawing without the need for fins!

6- Owl:


For young artists, drawing owls is a wonderful topic, and they are extremely easy animals to draw. For dynamic eyes, begin with two broad circles that overlap.

Attach a little beak that curves downward to join the circles. Easy lines that extend from the face might be used to simulate feathers.

Take note of the unique face disc in the shape of a heart. Spread wings that are symmetrical and have rounded tips. Lastly, add a beautiful touch by perching an owl on a tree branch.

7- Bunny:


Bunnies are the pinnacle of cuteness for sketching. For the body, start using a gentle oval and gradually add curves to represent the ears.

Their pretty look is completed by a tiny nose and two large appealing eyes. Paws should be small and rounded for a sweet touch. Understanding how to depict rabbits is a fun hobby for every novice artist to adopt.

8- Lions:


It is easy to capture the regal atmosphere of lions on paper. Start with a simple shape for the head and tail of these easy-to-draw animals.

Next, add features like the nose and eyes to give them expression.

The royal impression is completed by a simple body’s structure. Use free, assured strokes to highlight the tail’s flowing style.

For the last touch, remember to outline using a fine pen. Lions in a snap? Feasible with a bit of training – release your imaginative thunder!

9- Flying Birds

Flying Birds

Begin by drawing familiar birds, such as robins or sparrows, because of their simple features, which are perfect for beginners.

With their sleek bodies and graceful curves, birds provide simplicity in shape. To lay out their bodies and the wings, proceed with simple shapes like triangular and squares.

Add a small beak, round eyes, and feather details to bring birds to life. Go with different bird species.

Discover a variety of sizes and forms, from hawks to raptors. Additionally, remember to have fun with color—birds come in a wide variety of shades.

10- Sharks


Sharks are quite easy animals to draw, despite their alarming aspect! Begin with a smooth oval for the body, finish with an oblong shape for its fin, and finish with a smile.

A tail that resembles a crescent should not be overlooked. Your shark appears life-like with plain lines for gills and some strokes for texture.

Try using blue or gray colors to evoke the feeling of the ocean. In a few simple steps, you’ve managed to capture the spirit of a shark with little features.

11- Monkey


Start with a simple oval for the face’s shape, then cover it using two circular ears. Create large, vivid eyes and a curving line to create a smile.

Draw a basic spherical shape for the body, then add curving lines for the arms and legs. Remember the tail; a lengthy, wavy line gives a whimsical touch.

To add even more joy to your paintings of monkeys, try changing their positions and facial expressions.

12- Giraffe


Even for novices, drawing giraffes may be fairly simple! First, draw a short, narrow neck and a basic oval for the flesh.

For the skull and ossicones (structures that resemble horns), add tiny circles. Keep those lines for the tail and legs thin as you link them.

Lastly, draw unique body patches on them. Drawing giraffes is a fun and approachable hobby that only requires simple shapes and a hint of texture.

13- Bugs And Insect

Bugs And Insect

Sketching creepy crawlers, such as insects and bugs, maybe surprisingly simple and engaging. Because of their small size, they can be quickly sketched.

Concentrate on crucial features like antennas and unique body sections. Try various breeds and sizes to discover diversity.

Depictions of insects can be striking by adding simple details. You’ll love bringing these little critters into existence on canvas.

14- Penguin


Because they are such easy animals to draw, penguins are ideal for artists of all levels of experience. Start with a simple oval shape for his head and a bigger shape for the flesh.

Add adorable webbed toes below and flaps on both sides. Their unique coloring makes shading easier, and the contrast between black and white produces a powerful effect.

Keep their eyes simple to convey an attractive look. To finish off the cute allure of penguins, add details like their beaks and plumage.

15- Turtle


Start by creating the uniform oval shape representing a turtle’s shell in the middle of the page. Add a line for the belly that is slightly curved below.

Draw a tiny circle to form the head at one side of the shell. Connect the four small legs that protrude from the oval’s lowest portion at this point.

Draw the turtles’ eyes and snouts in the shape of a beak to highlight their facial features. Include precise depictions of the shell’s scales and the skin’s creases.

Finish by providing a general outline to ensure that the turtle appears to be famed for its slowness and steadiness.


Through our enjoyable process of drawing easy creatures, we explored the joy that comes from creative expression when things are kept simple.

We have refined our skills and learned the pleasant and calming virtues of creating animals by hand.

Understand that each sketch makes you a step closer to being an expert in your field. So enjoy how simple it is to sketch these cute animals, and let your artistry flow high on the blank canvas.

To easily draw animals, you just require a sketchbook and some basic equipment like pencils and erasers. If you want more depth, you can experiment with mixing tools, colored pencils, and fine-line markers as you go.

Of course! Whether sketching on paper or digitally, the fundamentals are always the same. When using a digital method, try different brushes and tools via graphical devices or drawing software.

Feel free to try out various faces, postures, and even the addition of accessories. Give your creativity free rein and add your distinct flair to every sketch.

If you have any questions leave the comments or you can visit our social channels for more updates regularly. We provide embroidery digitizing services if you need digitizing services feel free to contact us or email us.

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