Make A Kitchen Towels To Embroider – Tutorial

Are you looking to add a personal touch to your kitchen decor? One of the most delightful ways to do so is by creating your own embroidered kitchen towels.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process of making kitchen towels to embroider and explore the reasons why machine-embroidered kitchen towels are a fantastic addition to your home. So, you can elevate your kitchen look and impress your guests with self-made, high-quality towels.

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Why Make Kitchen Towels To Embroider?

Machine-embroidered kitchen towels are like magic for your kitchen! Instead of plain old towels, these kitchen towels to embroider become your creative canvas.

Imagine adding your personal touch to something as simple as a towel. With the right machine and a pinch of imagination, you can transform these everyday towels into unique works of art.

kitchen towels to embroider

It’s not just about wiping spills or drying dishes; it’s about making your kitchen special. Whether you want to jazz up your kitchen or give a thoughtful gift, these embroidered kitchen towels let you add your personality, emotions, and style to something ordinary.

So, why choose machine-embroidered kitchen towels? Because they effortlessly blend usefulness with artistry, turning the everyday into something exceptional.

They’re proof that personalization and creativity can turn the simplest things into extraordinary additions to your kitchen or wonderful gifts for your loved ones.

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Materials And Supplies:

Materials And Supplies

Making your kitchen towels embroidered is so much fun, and it all starts with the stuff you need.

Towel To Use: First, you’ll want to grab some top-notch kitchen towels. Look for ones that are 100% cotton because they’re tough and super absorbent, and they give your embroidery a perfect surface to look amazing on.

Embroidery Machine: Invest in an embroidery machine like the Brother SE600.

Embroidery Thread: For instance, if you plan to embroider a sunflower, you’d need yellow, brown, and green threads.

Stabilizer: Use a tear-away stabilizer for lightweight kitchen towels.

Embroidery Needles: (75/11 for medium-weight fabrics.)

Embroidery Hoops: If your machine suggests a 4×4-inch hoop, make sure you have one on hand.

Designs/Patterns: You can choose a design of your choice from the internet or websites like Emdigitizer. But you can also make your own design for kitchen towels to embroider.

Marking tools: Tailor’s chalk or a water-soluble fabric marker.

Scissors: Small, sharp scissors are perfect for precision work.

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Make Kitchen Towels To Embroider- A Complete Guide

Make Kitchen Towels To Embroider

Making your kitchen towels special with your designs is where your creativity comes into play. Here’s how you can add your personal touch:

Think About Your Theme:

Think about what you want to show on your kitchen towel. It could be your name for everyday towels or something special like a holiday or birthday.

Find The Perfect Design:

Now, look for or make a design that matches your theme. If you’re new to this, begin with easy designs like flowers, hearts, or simple shapes.

You can also find lots of designs online for all sorts of themes. It’s like picking the right costume for a character in a play.

Pick Your Colors:

Decide on the thread colors you want to use. Consider the color scheme in your kitchen or the occasion you’re celebrating.

For example, bright, summery colors for a beach-themed towel or classic red and green for Christmas.



Figure out where on the towel you want your design to go. The corner, center, and edges are good choices. Just make sure it’s in the middle and looks nice and tidy. That way, it’ll look like a pro did it!

Make It The Right Size:

Change the size of your design so it fits nicely on the towel. You don’t want it to look too tiny or too big. Most embroidery machines let you adjust the size to how you like it.

Try First:

Before you embroider on your actual kitchen towel, it’s smart to practice on a spare piece of fabric. This way, you can see if it’s the right size and looks good without worrying about messing up your towel.

Get The Towel Ready:

Put your kitchen towel in the hoop, making sure it’s snug and won’t move. This step is important for making sure your design comes out just right.

Start Embroidering:

Start Embroidering

Begin the embroidery process, and keep a close watch on it as it works its magic. If your machine has a slow setting, use it for precise results. And remember to trim any stray threads as you go along to keep things tidy.

Making It Perfect:

Once your embroidery is done, take the towel out of the hoop gently. Cut off any extra stuff from the back, and press the design lightly with a warm iron. This helps the threads stay put.

Keeping It Nice:

To keep your towels looking awesome for a long time, just follow the washing and care rules that come with them. It’s like a secret recipe to keep them vibrant and beautiful!

For more info, check out this tutorial on how to embroider a towel in just a few easy steps.

Benefits Of Making Embroidered Towels:

Creating kitchen towels to embroider offers several benefits:


Kitchen towels to embroider can be customized with names, monograms, or favorite designs. This personal touch adds a sense of identity to your kitchen and makes the towels unique to your home.


Embroidered towels serve not only as functional items but also as decorative elements in your kitchen. They can complement your kitchen’s decor and color scheme, enhancing its overall appeal.


These towels make thoughtful and meaningful gifts. You can embroider special messages, names, or themed designs to create memorable presents for loved ones on various occasions like weddings, birthdays, or housewarmings.


The threads are durable, making these towels long-lasting and ideal for regular use in the kitchen.


By personalizing and reusing kitchen towels through embroidery, you reduce the need for disposable paper towels. This eco-friendly choice supports sustainability and minimizes waste.


Making kitchen towels embroider is a wallet-friendly way to add creativity to your kitchen. You can either give a fresh look to the towels you already have or buy inexpensive ones and turn them into lovely embroidered pieces.

Seasonal Adaptation:

You can change the embroidery designs seasonally to keep your kitchen decor fresh and in tune with the time of the year.

For example, you can have holiday-themed designs for Christmas, Easter, or other celebrations.

Inspiration For DIY Projects:

When you begin embroidering kitchen towels, it might make you want to try other DIY embroidery projects like decorating tablecloths, aprons, or napkins. This can help you learn new creative skills and have fun making more unique items for your home.

You can try these kitchen embroidery project ideas for a personal touch.


Making kitchen towels to embroider is a wonderful way to add your personal touch to your kitchen. It makes your kitchen special, offers a creative outlet, and even opens the door to more DIY projects.

These towels are not just functional; they’re a canvas for your imagination, turning everyday items into something extraordinary. So, give it a try and enjoy the creativity and uniqueness these embroidered towels bring to your home.

While you can technically embroider on most types of kitchen towels, it’s best to choose towels made of natural fibers like cotton or linen. These materials hold up well to embroidery and washing. Avoid towels with a high polyester content, as they may not hold the stitches as effectively.

Sure, you can embroider several towels with the same design all at once. If your embroidery machine and hoop are big enough, you can put them together. It’s a great way to save time and make sure they all look the same.

While it’s possible to embroider both sides, it’s essential to consider the thickness of the fabric and the density of the embroidery design, as it can affect the towel’s usability.

Yes, you can revive old or stained towels with embroidery. The embroidery can cover stains and give them a fresh look. Just make sure the fabric is in good enough condition to hold the stitches, and you’re good to go.

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