Best Kitchen Machine Embroidery Designs & Project Ideas

Then, to prevent scorching your hand, you use a cloth or a towel to retrieve the kettle. And all of a sudden, the thought occurs to you, “Why don’t I just make my hotel mitten by adding an embroidered finish?

You are correct, so. Let’s take a glance into the best kitchen machine embroidery designs and other useful crafts, just like what you do with your apparel, to give them a more modern twist.

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Kitchen Machine Embroidery Designs And Projects Ideas

For themed parties and occasions like Halloween or Christmas, embroidery may also be used to create projects that are functional in addition to adding glamour to your apparel, accessories, and festivities.

And one of them is using kitchen machine embroidery designs to create something useful that will help in the kitchen with everything from food preparation to padding to keep your functioning safe.

You must make sure of the precise selection of cloth, embroidery thread, and layout structure to bring the kitchen machine embroidery designs to life.

Kitchen Machine Embroidery Ideas

As I mentioned, embroidery can be used to make both practical and attractive items, so there are many kitchen machine embroidery designs and ideas to choose from when making something special.

1)kitchen Towels

If you want to create something that is both aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian to adorn your kitchen with needlework, this is a terrific idea.

Numerous kitchen machine embroidery designs can be used to embellish your kitchen towels, including: 

  • Dish wash towels
  • Hand drying towels 
  • Sanitizing wipes etc.

(Want to embroider a towel, click here to get step by step tutorial guide)

2) Oven Mitts

You can make your oven mitts to give the kitchen a modern twist by choosing from a variety of kitchen machine embroidery designs easily accessible.

Due to the excessive usage of hot mittens in the kitchen, this vital item is required to keep the worker safe, such as preventing fingertips from scorching and burn marks when using an instant pot.

3)Tea Kettle Or Pot Handle Cosies

Tea Kettle Or Pot Handle Cosies

It is one of the more intriguing and inventive needlework crafts when it comes to giving the kitchen a personal touch.

The embroidered cozies aid in keeping the porcelain teapots comfy and heated. Pick out your favorite kitchen machine embroidery designs and have fun with them.

4) Dish Wash Cloth

Dish Wash Cloth

Although choosing kitchen machine embroidery designs to create these wash clothes may seem absurd, applique fabric can be used to create embroidered dish wash clothes/sponges.

5)Kitchen Roller Towels

Kitchen Roller Towels

You can now choose your favorite kitchen machine embroidery designs to sew on the kitchen towel that will further finetune it.

These particular towels are intended for drying hands. They resembled a sizable ring of fabric suspended from a rod and were used by middle-aged people.

6)Kitchen Mats And Tablecloths

Kitchen Mats And Tablecloths

By decorating your kitchen table with tablecloths, you may make it look even prettier. Simply embroider the mats using kitchen machine embroidery designs to surprise your guests.

7)Bread Basket

Bread Basket

To create embroidered coverings for your food items that will be presented at the table, there are several kitchen machine embroidery designs accessible.

In addition, using embroidery fabric to design or assemble a space might result in the creation of charming bread baskets.

You can create these embroidered baskets, which are not just for the kitchen, you can give these items as a nice gift to a friend who appreciates needlework.

(Click here to get a complete tutorial guide for creating your own DIY embroidered fabric basket)

8) Embroidered Apron

Putting on an apron is the wisest way to proceed in a situation to prevent clothing from being burned off or having any oily stains on it.

Choose your preferred apron design from the list of favorite kitchen machine embroidery designs, and be outrageous and fashionable to facilitate your protection.

Examples Of Best Kitchen Machine Embroidery Designs

You might find it difficult to choose among the kitchen machine embroidery designs you could get online or order from trustworthy digitizing companies.

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The reason is that to choose a design that will hold up to any difficult task without losing its quality, you must take into account some crucial factors because only colors and patterns cannot excite you.

Kitchen Cosies And Towels

To make goods like cozies, towels, or mitts, we must choose flexible, soft kitchen machine embroidery designs, but we must also consider their demanding uses, such as working around a stove or a coffee maker.

Apron And Gloves

For this reason, it is preferable to choose tiny kitchen machine embroidery designs to embroider on cooking wares like aprons and gloves.

It’s because small kitchen machine embroidery designs will take up less area on cloth, giving you more room to work and fashionably handle objects.

Materials Required For Making Kitchen Machine Embroidery Designs And Projects

To create gorgeous kitchen machine embroidery designs for kitchen decor, you are not limited in your choice of tools and materials. Additionally, we use supplies from our embroidery kit that are already included here.

However, care must be taken in choosing the materials that would work better for creating machine embroidery projects for your kitchen.

Embroidery Thread Type 

I’ll go over several of the thread types in this section.

  • Polyester Thread – The use of polyester thread is recommended due to its being stain-resistant while making kitchen embroidery designs.
    • Rayon thread- Despite being the ideal sort of thread for giving needlework products gloss and luster, it is severely damaged with bleaching or other harsh chemicals, loses reliability, and becomes fuzzy when immersed in water.
  • Metallic Thread- A thread core that is wrapped in either metal or plastic material.

(Go here to check out best machine embroidery thread and their uses)

Embroidery Stabilizer And Backing Material

Backing– There is no requirement for mass backing when using tiny kitchen machine embroidery designs to make mats or covers for kitchenware.

Water-Soluble Stabilizer– For creating these kitchen machine embroidery patterns, it is best to use a water-soluble stabilizer because it dissolves stitches and improves appearance.

(Click here if you are interested to learn more about using and removing water soluble stabilizers)

No Show Mesh Stabilizer- It might also be the perfect option for making kitchen machine embroidery designs because it is less thick and resilient without being distorted.

Choice Of Fabric

Adding contoured fabrics is an excellent option if you want to add effects to your embroidered clothing. The creation of kitchen machine embroidery designs for the kitchen cannot be done using the same cloth.

  • This is because smooth cloth is preferable to coarse fabric and puffs. After all, they can both retain some foodstuffs and cannot endure temperature.
  • When creating embroidered and themed kitchen accessories with fashionable flair, fabric scraps are also useful.

Choice Of Machine Embroidery Designs For Kitchen Items

The appropriate design selection affects how your embroidered creation turns out. Poorly scanned embroidery designs can put you in chaos.

To obtain the highest possible level of quality, it is permitted to purchase kitchen machine embroidery designs from reliable digitizing companies.

For kitchen-related objects, be sure to check the design type:

  • Redwork- A style of embroidery that has been used to make designs since the mid-eighteenth century. Your kitchen embroidery projects can benefit from the addition of these historical trends.

(Click here if you are interested to know the basics of redwork embroidery machine designs and techniques)

  • Glyphs And Fonts- For creating the greatest quilted heated mitts, you may use ESA symbols and fonts that can be adjusted to fit the design.
  • Themed Embroidery Designs

For festive enjoyment with machine embroidery, you can utilize kitchen patterns for Christmas, Halloween, and other themes.

Examples Of Kitchen Machine Embroidered Projects

Once you’ve gathered your materials, such as thread, needles, and fabric scraps, let’s get to work creating some intriguing kitchen items.

Embroidered Oven Mitts

  • Potholders and oven gloves could be made in a variety of ways and even in a variety of sizes.
  • Utilizing supplies like backing, quilt filling, and fabric, you can quickly create these mitts and carriers in a hoop.

Embroidered Oven Mitts

  • To create some distinctive kitchen embroidered protective gloves and holders, quilt the fabric with symbols and add a bias-tapping finish.

Embroidered Dish Wash Towel

  • You can use any old dish towel, terry towel, or applique when creating an embroidered dish wash towel.
  • An erratic geometric pattern is now embroidered.

Embroidered Dish Wash Towel

  • Cut out the towel after the embroidery is completed and removed from the hoop.
  • Using soapy bubbles made with your fingers to clean the dish wash towel/rag.

Machine Embroiderypot Pot Holder

  • Your customized pot holder can be made with machine embroidery to protect your fingertips when handling a heated handle.
  • To create a tube, first split the fabric into two halves and sew the two slices together.
  • Your pot holder is ready for use once the bias tape is fastened to the borders.

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And That’s it! I have provided you with a list of some kitchen machine embroidery designs and ideas.

To create these lovely kitchen machine embroidery designs, you can use materials and resources that are already on hand, or you can download the design from a reliable digitizing firm for better outcomes.


I hope this article has given you sufficient insight to use machine embroidery to create valuable and useful items.

When cooking, managing kitchenware, and using household appliances, it is crucial to maintain protection.

Isn’t it intriguing that your embroidery skills also helped you with this safety concern as well?

Additionally, you can create your kitchen machine embroidery designs to use your time productively and send presents while staying within your budget.

  • Kitchen towels
  • Oven mitts
  • Kitchen mats
  • Table clothes
  • Pot holders
  • Kettle cozies
  • Dish washcloth
  • Redwork
  • ESA symbols and fonts
  • Holidays, Halloween, and Christmas patterns for kitchenware

Water-Soluble Stabilizer: It is best to use a water-soluble stabilizer because it dissolves stitches and improves appearance.

No Show Mesh Stabilizer- It might also be the perfect option for making kitchen machine embroidery designs because it is less thick and resilient without being distorted.

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